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Sri Lankan Terror Attack

I was planning to publish two videos to celebrate the essence of Easter before I got to know about terror attacks in Sri Lanka last evening. It shook me up and as a mark of respect for the victims, I have postponed both the articles for a bit. One article is a motivational interview of a physically challenged person and his success as a fitness trainer while another is about a French friend of mine and his artistic and versatile flair in music. (The video was shot while celebrating Easter in a café).

Pic Source: CNN

The terror attacks in Sri Lanka is one of the worst terror attacks in the world and looking at serial bomb blasts in churches and luxury hotels, work of an international network. The government has blamed National Thowheed Jamath, a radical Islāmic group behind the killings. It was brutal and deadly and left nearly 300 dead. I am watching the news closely and will write something about it at a later date. The whole world will be with Sri Lanka and we will soon come to know the truth. It’s clear the security forces of many countries are inadequate to stop the growing sophistication of terror perpetrators. High time to form an international anti-terror organization with its own backing of armed forces with an independent judiciary and military might to take action. Back on the heels of fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, which might not be an accident, its clear the target is Christianity to undermine Western civilization as well as teachings of Buddha. Sri Lanka is one of the most peaceful, pristine and spiritual places and I had visited Sri Lanka during my sabbatical to pay homage to Buddha’s relics and resided in a monastery.

Utterly tragic and my deepest condolences but its time we had enough. It’s also an utter failure of intelligence agencies around the world to find a sound mechanism for fighting an increasing sophistication in terror attacks. Time for the world to really wake up and find technological better ways in countering terror.

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