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Coming Up: Low Inflation and Infrastructure Spending in the US

Will write soon an article on Infrastructure spending in the US. Need to do a bit of more research and it’s going to be released after FED takes on inflation in the US.

Infrastructure investment might just be the panacea/silver bullet for low inflation in the US. Time to invest in high-speed train network in the US (the project in California seems to been shelved for the moment while the Texas project might be the only one which will see light) along with a major overhaul of infrastructure. Public partnership model (refer to my earlier article here: Who is going to fund infrastructure bill ?) has not worked well in the US. A recent report published analyzed infrastructure investments less than $40B in total through this route, a puny sum compared to the trillions of dollars needed to bolster and construct world beating infrastructure. The articles will be written in my signature style from the one and only adorable Nish…

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