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Welcome to my fun-filled educative website for a well-rounded panoramic view of major social issues impacting our lives with informative tutorials on finance.

If you are here, you have rubbed the right lamp and taken the red pill. Remember Matrix.

My name is Nishant Malhotra adoringly known as Nish and started blogging four years ago. A prolific writer, I have published more than 350 articles and few tutorials on finance and economics with global readership in thousands.

So, what is The Middle Road?

"The only thing constant is change, and in today's transformative economy, it's imperative to understand the challenges and issues governing our society."

The Middle Road here alludes to a moderate road for an insightful and fulfilling life. The aim is to bring a fresh and out of the box perspective on various facets of living with ingenuity. I envision to educate and spread knowledge, ideas, and analysis on social impact with synergistic themes on finance & economics, science & technology, art & culture, and fitness & well-being. All the mentioned themes herein form an intricate chain defining our views, awareness, and existence in our Universe, thus shaping our personalities, traits, and setting our way of life.

"To err is human; to Accept, Adapt, Reinvent and Innovate, Inspiring."

It's always fun to learn, so jump along with me as we embark on a measured journey to Accept the realities around us, Adapt to an ever-changing world, Reinvent continuously for global and personal development and Innovate using our creative best.

A British American movie loosely inspires the title A Fish Called Nish. Piscean, I am intuitive, spiritual, imaginative, and enigmatic. Born into an armed forces family, introduced me to a lifestyle of frequent travel exposing me to different cultures and customs prevailing within India. Further, education and quest for spiritual upliftment made me go to many countries.

Well educated with a passion for traveling; I have master’s degrees from the United States, Singapore, China, and India. My degrees include Master of Public Administration from the Gerald R Ford School of Public PolicyUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US and Master of Business Administration from China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, China, and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, India.

Professionally my work experience ranges from financial services and banking, consumer goods, technology, to the education and as a volunteer in the social sector.

Great to have you on board and let’s tread together on The Middle Road.


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