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ABC Farms Cheese Festive: A Symbol of Creativity & Triump of Indian Culture

12122876_1048707438507236_6857199284947188811_nOne of my friends suggested we visit the very famous Cheese festive near my house in ABC farms. Whenever I hear cheese I recall my favorite sitcom Big Bang Theory and Penny. Penny played by Kaley works in a cheese cake factory and the sitcom chronicles the life of very high IQ nerds mostly theoretical physicists scientists. The sitcom also brought to life the character of an Indian scientist played by Kunal Nayyar. The serial although absolutely unbelievably funny and scientifically very accurate about the facts discussed in the serial does not depict the lives of scientists in the right way. I think American are highly opinionated about people who excel in academics or technology depicting them as socially inapt while the movie The Martian is a more accurate take on behavior of scientists. I will always remember Penny words yelling Sheldon! Sheldon! Of course the Great Sheldon is a double PHD. Hey man lets not digress from our topic at hand. More on this sitcom later on but lets watch a small clip first

Now lets begin on a serious note. The cheese festive is a two day event held at ABC farms, Koregaon Park every yearIMG_20151121_131944_HDRABC Farms Pvt Ltd: ABC farms is India’s leading cheese manufacturer 17and produces over 70 varieties of cheese. The company had humble beginnings in Pune and started in 1976 with only 14 cows and 27 acres of land. This festive is promoted by ABC farms to showcase their specialist expertise in state of art production of different varieties of cheese. I met Mr. Sohrab Chinoy (inset pic who is heading the set up and discussed about his philosophy for success. Mr. Sohrab’s wife is a dairy bacteriologist and ABC farms engages in only organic farming and products. Sohrab was deeply influenced by the book Small is Beautiful a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs. A friend of mine highly recommended this book while I was pursuing my first MBA at SIBM, Pune but somehow I download (1)missed a very good read. The book is now on my list of books to read. Sohrab not only employed the best business practices including importing Swiss cows but also opened IMG_20151121_125922_HDRrestaurants in Pune also known in marketing jargon as forward integration to their supply chain of cheese production. These restaurants served as an excellent place to sell their own cheese and is an excellent marketing strategy. Today ABC farms has seven restaurants in Pune and a resort in Goa. One of the most well known restaurants in Pune, Sheesha Cafe is located within the premises of ABC farms, Koregaon Park.

Mr Sohrab Chinoy belongs to Parsi community which has been one of the most enterprising communities in India. Parsi community have been known for their outstanding work in India symbolizing humanitarian causes as well as innovative entrepreneurship zeal and business acumen. Parsi follow Prophet Zoroaster, a great saint and humanitarian, who founded one of the oldest religions in the world. Please read about Prophet Zoroaster in the link attached below.

12243022_1056350727742907_3380805081549744291_nMr Ratan Tata is a very famous example of Parsi community and TATA Group is the most well known business group in India known for their philanthropic work. Paris have been leading entrepreneurs in major industries and have been ahead of the curve compared to peers in India in creativity, innovation, art and application of best business practices. BTW I am not a Parsi (I belong to Punjabi community) just to keep the audience informed that my view is unbiased.

Attaching a link to know more about ABC farms and their innovative tactics to emerge as a leader in cheese business.

Actually I visited ABC farms festive twice, once at night and then again the next afternoon to get a holistic experience. IMG_20151121_125136_HDRAs you enter ABC Farms, you are greeted by volunteers from Concern India Foundation, a NGO which aids in raising funds for other NGOs. I filled in a coupon for lucky draw for Rs 100 since the money is donated for charitable causes.IMG_20151121_125632_HDR

Left side: ABC stall selling organic agri products including rice, pulses, basil, lemongrass etc.  The festive is not only limited to cheese but is a celebration of assorted products ranging from organic products ranging from incense sticks, cosmetics, new pizza stores, culinary classes my master chefs, wine stalls and music in the evening.

IMG_20151120_221824_HDRBefore we go for tasting variety of mindbogglingly varieties of cheese, I wanted to share one of 12239569_1056701981041115_8200581545990637547_nmy all time favorite products from ABC farms. Its called Lemsi and it is going to wack you up. Whats is that…I don’t know I just made it up… Dude slang. Lemsi is a lemon lassi (made up of fermented curd and very popular among Punjabi’s) and one of the most delicious & nutritious drink I have tasted in life. I have been a fan for the last 20 years ever since I tasted it. I tasted another drink introduced this year Kefir. Watch the video below. Do not take my comment about Putin seriously, it was passed on a lighter note. Forbes has named Putin as the most powerful man this year. (No jokes just google it). I am pleasantly surprised that even Russians drink something very similar to Lassi since Khefir tasted a lot like Lassi. It would have been so much better if Russia had great relationship with its neighboring countries and hope floats. Then Putin will truly become a great leader.


IMG_20151121_130843_HDRThere were many varieties of cheese and some of them are yummy. The most popular varieties of Cheese were if I do remember correctly was Masala Cheese and Jalapeno Cheese. You are dead right Indians like spicy food. You can try unlimited free samples of cheese and you would be stunned to know different varieties of cheese including Coffee Cheese. I am sure this would be very popular among my European friend since most of them are addicted to coffee. Maybe its better to have coffee cheese instead. What do you say Bravo… I am11261634_1056663194378327_5792822902244334870_n brilliant like Sherlock. Thank You. Have you ever heard of Mulberry Cheese? No. No worries you could have tasted it if you had attended the festive. No worries you can still do so. Pic attached below. I personally loved Mulberry cheese apart from the crowd favorite Masala cheese. There were also number of cheese dips which you can sample to decide what suits your taste buds.

Apart from cheese there were plethora of other delicacies including many varieties of yummy cakes. I am deeply upset I did not taste the chocolate pie (pic below). No worries next time.



IMG_20151121_131152_HDR12243001_1056663251044988_4322348426213992709_nThere is a very good place for everyone to sit around the stalls and savor the flavors of food from different stalls. There are various activities to entertain your kids as well making it a complete family outing. In the evening there is a live band which plays music and its time for many to let their hair down on the dance floor.
There was also a night of Tango which I was not aware about otherwise I would have arrived in my new tuxedo.I was once was king of freestyle dancing but I s12279210_10153640287135631_5386245965529195237_ntopped dancing a long time back. What is freestyle dancing? We have heard of freestyle swimming but never heard this term for dancing. No worries it IMG_20151120_221742_HDRmeans Bollywood dancing…a new emerging art form of dancing which is a mixture of all forms of dancing but master of none. OK Great.Well now I am out of my celibacy oath and do not plan to become a monk in near future, its time I learnt some dancing. I don’t plan to go to any clubs but a bit of dancing classes especially classical dance would surely not harm.

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The festival is very popular among Amchi Puneites people coming from far and wide not only to taste & buy various types of cheese but to celebrate the spirit of Pune. So is ABC Farms cheese festive about celebration of cheese. Of course not. Its is festival dedicated  The festival serves as an excellent opportunity for everyone to come, mingle and have a nice time. The festival is a living proof of the harmony of existence of various communities in India.12239891_1056350264409620_5081051400862029355_n In the end ABC farms cheese festive signifies the spirit of India, spirit of humanity and a triumph of mankind. I would sincerely recommend ABC farms to replicate it in some other cities in India. The two day event is a winner for both families as well as youngsters.

The Dude declares ABC Farms Cheese Festival as national treasure, an event which epitomizes Indian culture. The event must be highlighted around the world and needs to be officially included as a part of Indian tourist12219597_1056350047742975_7252418520759513329_n road map. Lets celebrate the essence of the festive by eating cheese or by following The Dude. Thanks for reading my article and love to hear back your views on my personal mail id

Follow ABC farms on Facebook to know more about the festive.

Thank You…ABC Farms for the wonderful initiative…Thank You…

To wrap up what would ABC Farms use as a punchline for their hypothetical advertisement. Remember the Tata Steel advertisement ( the one with punchline we also make steel)

We promote culture and art, we promote creativity, we promote ethics and we also make cheese.

The Dude to do 1000 push ups in multiple sets as a mark of respect not only for ABC Farms wonderful initiative but as a mark of respect to Parsi community which has done so much for India, Indians and humanity in general.  

Much Appreciated…Deeply Obliged…ETERNALLY GRATEFUL… 









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