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Articles Update and The Lego Group

Coming Up a surprise special edition followed up by an article on the greatness of the United States of America.

The Lego Foundation is a new addition on my twitter handle. The Lego Group is synonymous for toys for children and is one of the foremost brands in the world. Headquartered in Denmark, The Lego Group defines the holistic Christian foundations of the country spreading joy, creativity and positive well-being among all. It is one of the quintessential companies to work on my list of the best companies to work in the world. So what are you waiting for, please apply for jobs at The Lego Group…I need to watch the Lego Batman movie sometime soon. Have a good night…

Pic Source: The Lego Foundation tweets

Blog Update

Its been almost four years and have written here or under the moniker I have launched two blogs now and shifted a few categories and articles to my other blog. This blog is getting a face-lift and will be more professional compared to Over the years I have published about 430 articles and research papers apart from many comprehensive finance and economics related tutorials here. All spiritual articles are published on my personal blog. Furthermore, I have deleted a couple of categories and a few articles while refined language for a few articles as well. Now I can write more freely and will soon have 28,000 visitors on this blog.

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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) just released a report on impact investing market. Looks an interesting read. 1340 organizations manage $502 bn assets globally which is less than 1 percent of the size of  global capital markets. Asset managers dominate with 51% of estimated AUM and DFI at 27%. To make the impact space more impactful, the size of DFI must increase exponentially. Maximum number of the sample organizations are headquartered in North America.

Lift For India

As an exception, I am publishing Lift For India competition held in the local gym near my place. The power lifting competition included three core strength exercises: Bench Press, Squats and Dead Lifts. The proceeds of the competition were donated to the families of the victims of Pulwana terror attack in Kashmir, India. For donation refer to the link below.

I am no way a master of these exercises but it’s always good to take part in a holistic cause. The spirit of the competition is always to enjoy and do your best. This article includes on the ground videos. Continue reading “Lift For India”

Azem Premji’s Enduring Benevolence

Azem Premji, the founder of Wipro, known for innovation and philanthropy, recently committed to give a major part of his fortune for charitable causes. The total amount of $21 bn catapults him globally to an exclusive club comprising of Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet to name a few as some of the most influential people in philanthropy. His largesse is so monumental, invigorating and inspiring for everyone around the world and enhance philanthropy among entrepreneurs and high net-worth people in India. Wipro started as a vegetable oil manufacturer and Azemji turned it into one of the best technology companies in India. Not only a visionary, Azem Premji is known for humility and simplicity. Continue reading “Azem Premji’s Enduring Benevolence”

FED and Inverted Yield Curve

The FED will not be increasing any more rates this year and there might be a possibility of a rate cut.  The US yield curve is showing an inversion forecasting a possible recession in the US. I had argued in my article on Jerome Powell about inverted yield curve a few months back when the yields were flat. Somehow my words have proved to be prophetic which is a bit scary for me. The labor market looks very strong still in the US.