Paul Allen: Legacy of Eternal Sunshine

Recently, Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and founder of philanthropic company Vulcan Inc. passed away. Paul will forever be remembered for this spectacular vision, techno brilliance, and world-beating philanthropic attitude. Known for his affable and colorful personality backed with an invigorating sense of humor, Paul epitomizes American values of exuberance, geekiness and giving. A big fan of Portland Trailblazers, Seattle SeaHawks and Jimmi Hendrix, Paul left an indelible mark in technology, art, sports and philanthropy. Continue reading “Paul Allen: Legacy of Eternal Sunshine”

Cherry Blossom Festival…Spell Bounding

Cherry Blossom festival is a huge event in Washington DC celebrated with gusto every year. Festival of flowers, kites, food along with music and pristine fun. It’s a must visit if you visit DC at this time of the year. Truly amazing and spell bounding…

On 7 April, there will be fireworks and look forward to the spectacle.

I had taken some videos and pictures of the festival and the museums I had visited. I had planned to share them here but I misplaced all the photos and videos. I think my mistake I deleted the folder where I had saved the videos and pictures. My apologies. I plan to visit again and share videos and pictures here.

Washington DC: City of Museums…Its Just Special

Washington DC is a city of stunning monuments (Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial etc.) and magnificent museums. I am not sure if there are any statistics about museums per population, but DC might be the leading city in the world by this measure. To explore only the museums which range from American Natural History, Art, Science, and Space to specialized themes would take at least three days. You can also do it a day or two with very limited learning and meaningful experience. Continue reading “Washington DC: City of Museums…Its Just Special”

Social Impact, Southern States and Southern Hospitality

I always wanted to write for a long time on substance abuse. It’s a global problem and needs to be addressed with renewed focus and vigor. Under social impact section, I have written articles on charter schools in the US and published an article here. Charter schools performance is very varied across states in the US  with Denver, Colorado leading the way. Continue reading “Social Impact, Southern States and Southern Hospitality”

Superlative Seattle…

Seattle is not the only triumph of America but a Superlative achievement of humanity. Seattle is an amazing city, rich in diversity, culture, technology and engineering marvel. It is also the hometown of Grunge Music and genesis of rock bands like Nirvana (Remember the heavenly Kurt Cobain), Pearl Jam…ah Jeremy the mesmerizing  Eddie Vedder, Soundgarden etc and the iconic Jimi Hendrix.

I am so happy that I came to Seattle. It has all the makings of an exemplary American city. Kick ass people, breathtaking landscape surrounded by the divine bay, enticing skyscrapers and a thriving American culture. Seattle is one of the most innovative cities in the world and a known technological hot bath. I am yet to explore museums, planetarium etc. and will come out with a special feature on Seattle. Seattle has everything, mountains, bay and a bubbling downtown.

There is a part of myself which will always be in Pittsburg,  a bit in Chicago and I know Denver is one the quintessential cities in the world (not visited) but Seattle rocks…I am finally alive…so alive…

Coming Up Rise of Geeks…A tribute to technology…Microsoft, Google., Amazon, eBay, Facebook and many others…