One for Jack Ma, Philanthropy and Education

Jack Ma’s recently full-time foray into philanthropy shook the world in a better way but China is no stranger to largesse and giving. From Confucius to Buddha, China has been for centuries a country known for sharing prosperity. Although until recently China was lagging behind the world in charity, a lot has changed in the last few years. There are a plethora of reports on the emergence of philanthropy in China with a lot of focus on education. Jack Ma established a $ 3bn dollar fund in 2014 for philanthropic causes while Pony Ma co-founder of Tencent (WeChat fame) is known for his legendary philanthropic zeal. It seems Ma surname is ubiquitous with charity in China. Just kidding…Another co-founder of Tencent, Charles Chen Yidan whose contribution to charity is monumental, especially in education. China charity law, passed in 2016, gave a huge impetus to non-profits and giving with the aim of regulating domestic charitable organizations within the People’s Republic of China. They are too many reports on the surge in philanthropy in China and it’s beyond the scope of this article to highlight all of them. Li Ka Shing foundation is a very prominent foundation involved in charitable causes just to cite an example. Continue reading “One for Jack Ma, Philanthropy and Education”

One for China & India: Mr. Modi& President Xi

Buddha  “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

It is very heartening that Mr. Modi is taking a very moderate and middle path between the US and China as a foreign policy. The relations between China and India go back to more than 2000 years considering the cultural ties between the two countries. Continue reading “One for China & India: Mr. Modi& President Xi”

Jack Ma, Rise of Digital Payments, China, India and Paytm

Ant Financial backed by Jack Ma of Alibaba fame was recently valued at $150bn in a venture capital round, making it one of the most exciting and creative fintech start-up companies in the world. Ant Financial owns Ali Pay, one of China’s largest payment platform. According to an article published in Seeking Alpha, China leads in mobile payments with estimates at $5.5tr and strides over any other country in the world. Jack Ma is also one of the biggest philanthropists in the world and a bellwether philanthropic entrepreneur icon for China.  Continue reading “Jack Ma, Rise of Digital Payments, China, India and Paytm”

Venerable Xuanzang: Essence Of An Exemplary Explorer & Monk


Venerable Xuanzang” I will rather die going to the west than living in the east”

” A country which knows its true history, is a country which stays together” Nish The Dude

Sometime in 7th Century BC 

A monk with oriental features was walking with alacrity through extreme harsh conditions. Calm and serenity on his handsome face beguiling a true grit determination to find the answers he was looking for…a journey of truth which he had undertaken which will take him through Afghanistan, Pakistan to India..The land of Lord Buddha. He had decided to take this impossible journey to find out the true teaching of Lord Buddha and find answer to many questions which still remained unanswered. He was deeply motivated by the travels of the great Chinese monk Faxian and motivated by Emperor of Taizong of Tang Dynasty in China. Continue reading “Venerable Xuanzang: Essence Of An Exemplary Explorer & Monk”

Dude was correct: Analysis of Chinese Equity Markets & FED rates..Read Read

In my report Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets dated 11 August published on Linkedin i had mentioned the risk of leverage in trades done by retail clients in China. I had argued that the equity downturn was short lived and that the government was justified in intervening in the market. I had sent my report to leading magazines put never got any revert. In the end i have been proved correct while some of the best economists were wrong. I want to highlight my report and would request if anyone can help me on this. I proved to be visionary and very correct in my analysis since Chinese markets more or less have not gone down much while there is not much panic in China or elsewhere.

Also i had predicted that FED will not increase the rates in September (which in the end was really sad) and wrote a report on US Deficit. Access here.

I was right because the downturn in Chinese Equity markets was hyped by media i guess in order to make a case for not increasing FED rates.  If you think and read a bit, it goes a long way.This just shows how important knowledge is in the ned….Ignorance is not bliss…it amplifies risk..and creates bubbles.. 

Let me know if anyone can help me in publishing this report in a magazine or any prestigious blog..

The Dude Rests His Case..Feeling good and a bit sad..Need credit for this one..Have done a lot of charity..

Too much of anything is not good..even goodness..


China:The Han Bull


“He who will not economize will have to agonize”…Great Confucius

China the mighty Han Empire based on the philosophy of Spiritual leader Confucius has emerged over the last decade as a raging bull and has stormed into the world with its unique business model.China’s rise as the second largest economy in the world on the back of investments and consumption has been remarkable. China is not only the greatest trading power in the world but also one of the largest importers of commodities thus driving the world economy. Continue reading “China:The Han Bull”

Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets

Curious Case of Chinese Equity Market

Premier Deng Xiaoping “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”
“My name is Benjamin Button, and I was born under unusual circumstances.

While everyone else was aging, I was getting younger… all alone” Brad Pitt from the movie Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

China one of the oldest civilizations still exudes charm and youthful vigor seen missing among some younger civilizations. Continue reading “Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets”