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Happy Raksha Bandhan Day

Today is Raksha Bandhan Day in India. Sisters tie a Rakhi on brother’s hand which is a symbolic tie of love and respect between brothers and sisters. It means a solemn promise on behalf of the brother to protect his sister. (Raksha means to protect in Hindi). The new innovation in Rakhi is an online tech Rakhi which my sister sent me yesterday.


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August 15, India’s 67 Independence Day: Jai Hind…Brothers & Sisters of America

Independence-Day-India-9Yesterday was India’s 67 Independence day celebration. India is world’s largest democracy in terms of population while United States is World’s greatest superpower and democracy. We look at how both countries included each other through the real life of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was an eminent scholar, spiritual master who set out on a long 10 year journey across the world to spread his teachings and message of love. When Swami Vivekananda stared his voyage he went to Hong Kong, Japan, United States and then to United Kingdom. He was warmly received by one and all. It his his experience in United States and England which touched him the most.   Continue reading “August 15, India’s 67 Independence Day: Jai Hind…Brothers & Sisters of America”

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Indian Equities: Another Home Run for the Dude and Ridham Desai

I had predicted sometime back that India will go through a bull run in equities considering a time horizon of 3 years but there would be high volatility in the markets. At that point things were not looking very positive for equities in India. Refer to archives here.

Read interview of Ridham Desai, a leading expert on India.

Market in a bull run; equity not for faint-hearted: Ridham Desai

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Quotes: Venerable Vivekananda

1436001739_swami-vivekananda-quotesOne of my favorite spiritual leaders, a philosopher and humanitarian, Swami Vivekananda or Venerable Vivekananda quotes. I have already written article about him and will mention a bit more about his humanitarian initiatives at a later date. Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest humanitarians who stressed on the importayour-body-is-a-weapon-and-consider-it-very-strongnce of
education for social equity. He followed a philosophy for both personal spiritual growth through meditation and betterment of world through his humanitarian initiatives.