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Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector in the US is very fragmented. GuideStar estimates as of July 2015, more than 1.5 million nonprofits registered with the IRS as tax-exempt, not including 6000 nonprofits not registered with IRS but included in GuideStar database. Nevertheless, the nonprofit sector is the third largest workforce in the United States, helped by the emergence of new age philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. The US nonprofit workforce ranks third in size among the 18 major US industries, behind only retail trade and manufacturing.

An analysis by Bridgespan revealed that very few nonprofits could recuperate their profits when accounting for their direct and indirect costs.1 Many nonprofits are becoming more entrepreneurial, diversifying into alternate sources of funding. Even mainstream nonprofits have become entrepreneurial; Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes a list of top 400 nonprofits in the US ranked on the merit of fundraising.2 The growing importance of self-financing in the social sector shows the blurring edge between nonprofits and social enterprise.

# New Age Philanthropy. Rise of the Geeks and technology for giving 

A resurgence in philanthropy through an altruistic thrust by young technology billionaires has made the social sector more transparent, causing a paradigm shift in the prevailing social business model. The structural shift boosted nonprofits efficiency and channeled social entrepreneurship. In recent years, new age philanthropists like Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar, Thomas Siebel, to name a few, brought more accountability into the nonprofit sector. The significant structural change brought by new age philanthropists resulted in an increase in capital resources, innovation, and technical know-how within the giving ecosystem. The new age of giving percolated among many billionaires and millionaires around the world, increasing the number of philanthropists. Example, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates giving pledge movement.  Pic source below:

Focus on critical sectors, including defining a measurable mission, example, eradication of malaria by a specific date brought a renewed focus on addressing critical issues facing the society. Bountiful budget helped in designing creative solutions as well as attracting the best talent in the industry. A formative change in philanthropy started through a rigorous scientific method for identifying and evaluating critical solutions using statistics and other data-driven models. Furthermore, new age philanthropists are usually successful tech entrepreneurs, well-educated with tangible skill sets, who leverage their contacts to motivate and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, government officials for sustainable social missions. The new age philanthropists provide an impetus, bringing about a mindset change around the world with the rise of for-profit social enterprises, think tanks, micro-lending organizations, and foundations to work towards measurable social change. Philanthropists today take an active participatory role, driving sustainable social change by fostering innovation and best business practices in nonprofits. Further, philanthropists enable social entrepreneurship within the business ecosystem. 

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Sustainable Development Goals: Pioneering Solutions for India

The 14th Edition of Global Compact Network India’s (GCNI) National Convention on Sustainable Development Goals: Pioneering Solutions for India recently concluded at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The Convention attracted more than 500 delegates and was well represented by various actors including government, UN agencies, non-profits, academic and civic societies committed to driving sustainable development solutions within the Indian social ecosystem. For the first time, an exhibition was showcased on Best Practices of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GCNI and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) co-hosted a Round table on ‘Human Rights for Corporate Responsibility’ on 30th May 2019 as a curtain raiser to the convention. This is my final comprehensive article on the GCNI Convention and includes many videos to encompass the essence of the event.

To know a bit about GCNI and United Nations Global Compact, let’s watch my conversation with Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director of GCNI.

Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and Member, NITI Aayog, kick-started the convention through his inaugural address (refer to my previous article). The other speakers at the inaugural session included Dr. Uddesh Kohli, Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact, Ms. Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator in India, Mr. Shashi Shanker, President GCNI & CMD, ONGC Group of Companies, Mr. Rajeev Dubey, Convener– GCNI 14th National Convention & Group President (HR & Corporate Services) & CEO (After-Market Sector) Member of the Group Executive Board Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Mr. Vishvesh Prabhakar, MD-Operations & Sustainability, Accenture Strategy and Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director, GCNI.

SDGs were adopted by 193 countries at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in Sept 2015 and came into effect from 1st Jan 2016. SDGs remarkably increased the umbrella of initiatives from the set of 8 international development goals with 18 quantifiable targets under Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to set off 17 Goals with 169 Targets. To circumvent the pitfalls of global imbalances during the MDGs era, SDGs formulated a wide range of goals for making sustainable goals more universal and inclusive. Continue reading “Sustainable Development Goals: Pioneering Solutions for India”

Mr. Manoj Pingale: Superlative Boxer, Athlete and Coach

I interviewed one of India’s foremost boxing champion Mr. Manoj Pingale at his academy in Pune, India. He has represented India at many prestigious international boxing events including Seoul, Olympics. He is a mentor ,coach and trains future Olympians.

Exclusive interview here and never seen before footage. Only on and my YouTube Channel Nish Malhotra.  Yours Truly…Nishant Malhotra


GCNI Convention 19: Inauguration and Dr. Bibek Debroy

The hallmark of a great national convention lies in the quality of speakers especially the inaugural speaker. GCNI Convention19 had stellar speakers exemplified by Dr. Bibek Debroy, the inaugural speaker at the convention.  The other speakers at the GCNI Convention19 inaugural session included Dr. Uddesh Kohli, Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact, Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator in India, Shashi Shanker, President GCNI & CMD, ONGC Group of Companies, Rajeev Dubey Chair-GCNI Present National Convention & Group President (HR & Corporate Services) & CEO (After -Market Sector) Member of the Group Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Vishvesh Prabhakar, MD-Operations & Sustainability, Accenture Strategy and Kamal Singh, Executive Director, GCNI. In my subsequent article we will look at length at many more moderators and speakers. Refer to my YouTube channel Nish Malhotra for videos of my interaction with moderators and speakers at the convention. Cover photo of all inaugural speakers at the GCNI Convention 19. Continue reading “GCNI Convention 19: Inauguration and Dr. Bibek Debroy”

Scrabble Special: National Scrabble Championship 2019

Last Saturday, National Scrabble Championship 2019 concluded in Mumbai and Sherwin Rodrigues won the championship. I will bring an exclusive on this event including an interview with India’s child prodigy Madhav Kamath and his father Sudhir Kamath, an exemplary Scrabble player himself. Refer to my tweet here.  The exclusive coverage includes a brief chat with India’s most prolific national champion Sherwin Rodrigues among others. Scrabble is a beautiful strategic mind game which requires an eclectic mix of hold on English grammar backed by mathematical and analytical skills. In spite of many champions, sadly Scrabble is largely neglected by the corporate world.  Exclusive videos, photos only on my YouTube Channel and twitter…Subscribe to keep yourself updated.

Global Compact Network India, SGDs: The Beginning

“India’s success in 2030 UN SDGs can change the face of the world.” Powerful and impactful words of UN General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa. 

The recently concluded Global Compact Network India (GCNI) national convention was a huge success in highlighting not only the rising importance of fulfilling sustainable development goals but also the growing commitment of various actors in the development and corporate space in India. In recent years under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi India has taken huge strides in implementing sustainable policies in alleviating poverty and hunger, women empowerment, clean technology and sanitation for all. The global goal of SDGs hugely relies on India’s ability to meet the targets on the back of the colossal population and burgeoning economic growth. Continue reading “Global Compact Network India, SGDs: The Beginning”

June Special: Global Compact Network India

Today, I attended the 14th National Convention Sustainable Development Goals: Pioneering Solutions for India by Global Compact Network India at Mumbai. This is the first major event I am covering on my blog with exclusive videos and interviews with leading practitioners from the development space. And Much More. Stay Tuned.

HIIT: Strength, Endurance and Rajesh

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to build strength and endurance. It works on core functional exercises, which are performed with  great intensity with very small intervals of rest in between different exercises and sets. I have been doing weight training for a while and tried various techniques to build strength and  endurance. I spoke with Rajesh, a top HIIT, strength and fitness trainer at RAAW gym in Pune. Rajesh recently won the Lift For India (an event dedicated to families of victims of Pulwama terror attack) held at Recomp gym. I had also participated in the competition and posted my videos here. Rajesh is known for strength, endurance and power. His best one rep in Squats is 200 kg i.e. 440 lbs.

Rajesh has won numerous fitness events at the national and state level and is a promising power lifter. He was kind enough to share time with me and recommended a few exercises for strengthening core and endurance. I prefer to record my videos impromptu for on the road feel. Thankful to RAAW management for their support in shooting the video and deeply grateful to Rajesh. I would be soon releasing my video as well. Its time to put a video face to the blog. Lot more exclusive work is coming soon. If you like the video, please subscribe to the You Tube channel.

True Grit: Tinkesh and Fitness

Recently uploaded a video of my interview with Tinkesh on Twitter. I met Tinkesh at a gym in Pune and got impressed by his calm demeanor and true grit. In spite of adversity, he followed his childhood dream to become a fitness trainer through sheer determination. Tinkesh was electrocuted when he was a kid and lost both his legs and one arm. Over the course of his life, people helped him in his endeavor. A nonprofit, Aditya Mehta Foundation, sponsored his prosthesis for both limbs and Tinkesh successfully ran 10K and 5K long distance runs with Maj D. P. Singh “the Blade Runner” from India. Tinkesh follows a strict diet and strength training regime to keep fit. I spoke with him at my house in Pune, India.


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