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Module on Structured Products

The first module I published on my blog was on Structured Products. Globally, structured products form an important part of asset allocation and portfolio management. It also a very good way of taking exposures across various asset classes ranging from forex, commodities, equities, interest rates etc. Digital options form an important part of some of the products detailed here. Digital options are binary options i.e. the payout would be zero or predetermined as defined in the investment mandate.

The presentation which was first published in 2015 on this blog, details brief outline on structured products, different types of structured notes, range accrual plans, knout out structured notes and valuation of a NIFTY equity lined structured note.

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One for Soccer World Cup

Soccer world cup is starting soon and I want to write something on soccer. I want to cover Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Johan Cruff is unarguably not only one of the greatest soccer players of all time but also one of the greatest coaches and managers of all time.

This article would include videos, photos to make it colorful and plan to release it before the world cup…Stay tuned…

Cherry Blossom Festival…Spell Bounding

Cherry Blossom festival is a huge event in Washington DC celebrated with gusto every year. Festival of flowers, kites, food along with music and pristine fun. It’s a must visit if you visit DC at this time of the year. Truly amazing and spell bounding…

On 7 April, there will be fireworks and look forward to the spectacle.

I had taken some videos and pictures of the festival and the museums I had visited. I had planned to share them here but I misplaced all the photos and videos. I think my mistake I deleted the folder where I had saved the videos and pictures. My apologies. I plan to visit again and share videos and pictures here.

Curious Case of Discount Cash Flow Modeling for Cyclical Companies

This was originally published sometime back by myself on LinkedIn. The genesis of this article is when I took upon myself to value a highly cyclical company during my month-long internship with a  small startup. To value cyclical companies is very difficult with uneven cash flows and the valuation here relies a lot on assumptions.  Continue reading Curious Case of Discount Cash Flow Modeling for Cyclical Companies

Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround

US has many different kinds of schools ,based on the type of funding, governing regulatory structure and pedagogy. Broadly speaking schools which receive funding from local, state or federal government are under the umbrella of public school system although federal funding never exceeds 9 % of traditional funding for public schools. Charter and Innovation schools are part of public school system except that they are much more autonomous compared to traditional public schools. Charter schools work like a hybrid education institute, there are free for enrolled students wherein funding is based on per enrolled student but at the same time have a bit of autonomous jurisdiction like private schools to customize curriculum, mandate their own regulations for teacher recruitment and training etc. Charter Schools, whose success is based solely on the performance of its students, have been a mixed bag in the US, with states like New Orléans and Denver showing incredible results. Denver, an outlier, has been a feather in the cap for US K12 education system considering its magnificent turnaround story. Part of the article is from one of my papers at public policy school.  Continue reading Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround