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Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround

US has many different kinds of schools ,based on the type of funding, governing regulatory structure and pedagogy. Broadly speaking schools which receive funding from local, state or federal government are under the umbrella of public school system although federal funding never exceeds 9 % of traditional funding for public schools. Charter and Innovation schools are part of public school system except that they are much more autonomous compared to traditional public schools. Charter schools work like a hybrid education institute, there are free for enrolled students wherein funding is based on per enrolled student but at the same time have a bit of autonomous jurisdiction like private schools to customize curriculum, mandate their own regulations for teacher recruitment and training etc. Charter Schools, whose success is based solely on performance of its students, have been a mixed bag in US, with states like new Orleans and Denver showing incredible results. Denver, an outlier, has been a feather in the cap for US K12 education system considering its magnificent turnaround story. Part of the article is from one of my papers at public policy school.  Continue reading Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround

Susan Doyle…A Miracle From Above

This is and will remain till eternity one of the greatest inspiration videos of all time. This created a worldwide sensation. Susan Boyle, stunning performance was triumph of humanity…common people. This video was circulated around the world more times any any other video at that point of time. She was a simple homemaker and she was one of the greatest discoveries through reality talent show around the world. Her performance in Britain Got Talent would inspire generations of wannabe stars that nothing can stop you if you dare to dream a dream

University Of Michigan: Special


As promised I should be coming out an exclusive University of Michigan, Ann Arbor feature. The article will feature videos and highlight the various student club activities in Michigan…The article will come out as trilogy considering trilogies are the  fashion nowadays…Look at movies and fiction books


Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home

IMG_20160820_180103528En-route back to my residential campus apartment in Northwood from Pierpont Commons,, encountered a herd of Deer. Continue reading Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home