Blue Planet ||

Highly recommend the documentary Blue Planet 2. Water covers about 70% of the surface of this planet yet we know nothing about life beneath the oceans. The documentary Blue Planet is a triumph on many grounds. The documentary opens with the most benevolent organisms on this planet…Ah, Dolphins. The documentary is both a visual and informative spectacle spread out over the next 1 hour 34 minutes, encompassing underwater ecosystem. Breathtaking visuals, it’s very informative and intellectually stimulating.


Spotify It

Spotify is what Google is to search engine. Spotify is a Swedish company which rocked the world with its innovative music model. It has more songs on its cloud network than any other company in the world. Supposedly Netflix of songs, Spotify’s business model has a very strong brand recognition in Europe and in the US. Thanks to Spotify I listen to soft rock and country songs freely over the net. Needs a much bigger article sometime later…Want to listen to a  song…Spotify It…

Shania Twain: Any Man of Mine

Coming back to country music, Shania Twain is one of the best performing singers in the country music genre. Canadian-born singer defined an era of soulful chart-busters. Any Man Of Mine, my favorite song from the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Shania Twain…Any Man of Mine Better Watch. This is one of first country songs I heard in life and will always stay special… Continue reading

Country Music, Ann Arbor Special

I was sitting at Starbucks writing cover letter for a job application, when I met with my classmate cute Naoto along with his charming wife from Ford School. The couple is expecting their first baby girl this September and my best wishes. They informed me about a country music special in Ann Arbor and I joined them to watch the spectacle. Continue reading

United States Of America: 4 of July, The Federalist Papers & Born In USA

US celebrates 241 years of Independence Day. 4 of July or July Fourth as popularly known in US , marks the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. To commemorate this day, recommend reading The Federalist Papers.  The Federalist Papers are set of eighty five papers written under alias Publius (Hamilton, Madison and Jay). They are one of the best commentaries on political theory and thoughts behind the US constitution. I am still reading them and suggest that its good to read them slowly taking few papers per week. The papers are deeply insightful and visionary in perspective. Hamiliton, Madison and Jay are three of the seven founding fathers of US. George Washington (First US President) , Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. Continue reading