Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home

IMG_20160820_180103528En-route back to my residential campus apartment in Northwood from Pierpont Commons,, encountered a herd of Deer. Continue reading “Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home”

Dude Has Landed…United States of America & University of Michigan, Ann Arbor…Go Blue!!!

13882353_796951093781301_1746736691650152929_nIts been sometime since I wrote on my blog here. Well its time to start with a bang. The dude landed in United States of America this month…The Quintessential Country of Our Times…A country which has led the world in innovation, academics, entrepreneurship and philanthropy for about a century. Continue reading “Dude Has Landed…United States of America & University of Michigan, Ann Arbor…Go Blue!!!”

Marcus Willis: Britain’s Got Talent

Marcus Willis a very colorful handsome dude has come out as a silver lining amid the chaos in Britain. Marcus story has all hallmarks of a spectacular feel good movie. Marcus born with an exuberant humor made a fairly tale turnaround when he won his first round watch against a person ranked in 700 places above him. This story is a page turner for people who want to read about glorious events around the world. He described his loss against Roger Federer in the second round when he took 7 games of Federer ” I have earned  a beer, I think” highlights his wit in his evergreen modesty. Marcus plays the good old serve and volley style of tennis…Highlights of his game with Roger Federer with inset his girlfriend cheering him on.

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Brexit: Cataclysmic Roar

BrexitLast week I woke up to a Cataclysmic Roar which reverberated across the globe. Well its not Katy Perry’s Roar but after effects of Brexit, name given to the referendum in UK to decide the future of UK within EU. It wiped more than $3 tr from stock market and brought in evermore uncertainty to the world. I was myself shocked that majority of people would vote to exit European Union considering it did not make Political, Economic or Humanitarian sense. I had planned to write a detailed report but with so much of information freely available on internet and almost a universal consensus among Economists and leading intellectuals, it does not make sense to research for another one but a brief look at some concerns highlighted in the referendum. Pic source: Continue reading “Brexit: Cataclysmic Roar”

Omar Mateen, lone-wolf terrorist: Brookings Pls Read

This is a very insightful article on Orlando killings by Daniel Byman published in Brookings. Daniel is an expert on counterterrorism and Middle East security. Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC.


Indian Equities: Another Home Run for the Dude and Ridham Desai

I had predicted sometime back that India will go through a bull run in equities considering a time horizon of 3 years but there would be high volatility in the markets. At that point things were not looking very positive for equities in India. Refer to archives here.

Read interview of Ridham Desai, a leading expert on India.

Market in a bull run; equity not for faint-hearted: Ridham Desai

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