NIFTY 50 Index weekly options and Indian Bond Market

The national stock exchange (NSE) is launching Nifty 50 index weekly options. The launch comes on the back of success in launching weekly options in the equity derivative segment of NIFTY Bank index and the currency derivatives segment in the dollar-rupee currency pair. Read the attached report on Twitter here. Continue reading “NIFTY 50 Index weekly options and Indian Bond Market”

India Sixth Largest Economy, Mr Modi’s endorsement by World Bank

26a7a260e277450ec2675726d6a264ebIndia recently became the sixth largest economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product at $2.597 tr according to 2017 figures of World Bank. World Bank gave the credit to reforms undertaken by Modi’s government, a huge  endorsement of pro market reforms of the government. Continue reading “India Sixth Largest Economy, Mr Modi’s endorsement by World Bank”

Who Reads My Blog? Maybe Mark Zuckerberg

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that he might be interested in running for US President office in the near future. This is great news. My website/ blog has been accessed 18,660 times globally and it’s getting better.

I had published an article in 2015 on Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. I had praised Mark and his wife for their philanthropy and discusses many things in detail. As a mark of respect, I had suggested Bill Gates run for the US President. Bill Gates is senior and thought it would be a better idea to give him the honor first. I am so happy that Mark Zuckerberg at least is thinking in this direction. It’s sad that the US which leads the world in innovation has yet to give a leader from Silicon Valley.  If it does happen, it would be a global paradigm shift with peace around the world.

The profile of the readers of my blog is highly eclectic and educated. Analytics from LinkedIn for similar articles show the propensity of readership from financial services and technology. Many people with interest in spirituality and well-being often visit the blog.  More on this later.

Ann Arbor Summer Festive

Ann Arbor summer festive is going on which is for four days. I volunteered to work in the Indian stall which is promoting henna color and traditional Indian dresses. All the proceeds of sales are going to clarity. The festive includes stalls across an eclectic mix ranging from photography, food, jewelry & apparel etc. The stall is located in the religious section of the festival. I went around the State Street and thought I would write an article with videos but it’s not possible.

Global Poverty

According to World Bank report, global poverty has reduced drastically since 1975. Today, globally 1 bn people live in poverty compared to nearly 2 bn people in 1975. The world urbanization rate is 50% and expected to grow much higher during the next decade. We will look into measures taken by governments around the world especially US in making economies inclusive,  role of fin-tech and financial inclusion etc.