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Coming Up: Stay Tuned…

A lot more coming up. A couple of Social Impact special features and an Easter special. I also plan a special feature under Jai Jawan Jai Kisan to commemorate one of the greatest statesman of all time, a leader par excellence and a superlative humanitarian Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s Second Prime Minister.

Article on financial markets will start with a look at duration of a bond and its implication which understanding bond fundamentals with a peek at concepts like convexity and modified duration.

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Europe and Africa

I have written so much about European countries but still, do not have a Europe as part of category on this blog.  Europe as a category will be included as well as Africa.

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I have written on this blog incessantly for the last four years including when I was pursuing my masters degree at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the US. I have shared knowledge through thoughtful articles, research papers and tutorials to the best of my abilities. However, still in-spite of so many readers around the world I have a subscriber base less than 500. Will be delighted if you subscribe to the blog. It will go a long way in boosting my morale and enthusiasm. If you love this blog, please do refer to your family members and friends. Lets keep going.

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Blog Update

Its been almost four years and have written here or under the moniker I have launched two blogs now and shifted a few categories and articles to my other blog. This blog is getting a face-lift and will be more professional compared to Over the years I have published about 430 articles and research papers apart from many comprehensive finance and economics related tutorials here. All spiritual articles are published on my personal blog. Furthermore, I have deleted a couple of categories and a few articles while refined language for a few articles as well. Now I can write more freely and will soon have 28,000 visitors on this blog.

Way Ahead

Sorry for the delay in the Blended Finance article, I took a small vacation.

First, let’s begin Personal with Nish section again. I had started this section sometime back but plan to relaunch it here again to list a summary of my experiences here. One important message I learnt in life is never to stop indulging in activities just because one is single especially traveling. I got inspired by backpackers from America and Europe on the merits of traveling alone. I usually make sure that I stay in modest hostels so I can meet people from around the world. It can be quite fun. Second, the article on Blended Finance will be more elaborate than a summary of collective investment vehicles. Finally, all spiritual articles including articles on Buddha would be shifted to a new blog. This is so I can write here more freely across topics.

WTI below $50 per barrel

Great news worldwide. WTI crude oil price is $46.64 per barrel which is great news for keeping inflation in check. Lets keep it below $50.  Shale gas revolution helped a lot in increasing supply and its time to make shale gas extraction more inexpensive and efficient.

Paul Allen: Legacy of Eternal Sunshine

Recently, Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and founder of philanthropic company Vulcan Inc. passed away. Paul will forever be remembered for this spectacular vision, techno brilliance, and world-beating philanthropic attitude. Known for his affable and colorful personality backed with an invigorating sense of humor, Paul epitomizes American values of exuberance, geekiness and giving. A big fan of Portland Trailblazers, Seattle SeaHawks and Jimmi Hendrix, Paul left an indelible mark in technology, art, sports and philanthropy. Continue reading “Paul Allen: Legacy of Eternal Sunshine”

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