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Seattle is a fantastic city. Recently shifted here and is one of the most innovative and diverse cities in the world. It is a global technology hub and is headquarters of many technology companies like Microsoft ( Redmond), Amazon to name a few. It’s a must city to visit if you are in the US. Will write a bit about the city…

US: The Spiritual Embodiment

Its been a while since I wrote here. the reason is very simple. It’s been a long time and the website although assessed around the world did not generate the traction which I was looking for. The much-awaited article on the quintessential spirit of America is still remaining. To share a perspective, over the last 50 years, the US has played a very important part in the rise of spiritual wave around the world apart from the important role played by Canada and some countries in Europe. I will explore this part of the US in series of articles going forward.

Update and plan going forward

Hello Everyone

It’s been some time since I wrote something on my blog. I was away for Vipassana meditation and did a 10-day course after a long break. I am happy I was able to attend a course in the US and able to fulfill a small wish I had taken since I am not sure how long I am able to stay in the US. Still looking for a job and folks who are regular readers here, would be deeply grateful if you could help me in my endeavor.

Please reach me at Moreover, have been very busy looking for a job. Plan to again start writing with a focus on research-based articles.  Keep a look out here…


Social Impact

Hello Everyone

Greetings !!!

I was writing an article on Social Impact which would have been based on substance abuse but decided against it. I have been very busy with work and decided to write another article on Social Impact which would be more general and not very specific. I would have to restart my research again and this could take some time. Intermittently I would be posting smaller articles based on social causes over the coming month.