Dhamma Pakasa, Rockford, Illinois, New Year Resolutions and Way Ahead

img_20170101_075057013_hdrIn Chicago I came to know about Dhamma Pakasa, a Vipassana center near Rockford, Illinois and immediately decided to visit the place and spend New Year in the meditation center.

Rockford used to be the second most populous city in Illinois and is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago depending on the traffic. It a very scenic place and well laid American town which yimg_20161229_134452737ou usually see in Hollywood movies. I loved the space around town and Dhamma Pakasa (http://www.pakasa.dhamma.org) was about 20
minute drive from the Van Galder bus station. Van Galder is a very comfortable bus journey and
you can catch the bus from Downtown Chicago (Union Station) or Chicago O’Hare station. Continue reading “Dhamma Pakasa, Rockford, Illinois, New Year Resolutions and Way Ahead”

Venerable Ajahn Chah

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16 January marked the 24th anniversary of Venerable Ajahn Chah leaving his mortal body. Venerable Ajahn Chah was one of the foremost Theravada monk of Thai tradition and widely considered an Arahant. (Arahant means Enlightened, a person who has become Enlightened following the path and teachings of Lord Buddha). Venerable Ajahn Chah is founder of two Thai Forrest monasteries specially Wat Nong pah Pong Continue reading “Venerable Ajahn Chah”

Mataji (Elaichi Devi Goenka) has breathed her last in Mumbai, India

1477430_10153844547464904_1619116455933779550_nMataji (Elaichi Devi Goenka) breathed her last on 5th January in Mumbai at 11.15 am. She was wife of Late Vipassana Teacher Guru S N Goenkaji. S N Goenkaji played a fundamental role in proliferating Venerable Saya Gyi U Ba Khin’s teachings worldwide and is regarded as one of the foremost teachers of Insightful meditation (Vipassana Self Awarness/ Mindfulness) around the world. He brought Lord Buddha’s teachings to the world in a non sectarian manner. Mataji (Elaichi Devi Goenka)  played a paramount role along with Guru S N Goenkaji in establishing the technique especially in India. She is considered one of the prominent teachers in this tradition. Continue reading “Mataji (Elaichi Devi Goenka) has breathed her last in Mumbai, India”