Statistics for Social Good

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Statistics for Social Good is structured to impart knowledge on the basics of statistics that will be useful in understanding tools in impact evaluation, for example, regression analysis. The series includes educational videos on data sampling and inference, confidence interval, hypothesis testing where the population is both known and unknown, proportions etc.  The course is designed and taught by Nishant Malhotra for under and post graduate students, CFA, FRM, Insurance and other certifications. Working professional will especially love the course. 


Statistics Module 3: Understanding Inference


Author: Nishant

Module 3 includes a brief overview of random sampling and introduces the concept of confidence interval. The sampling concept is important to understand the distinction between population and sample statistic.…

Statistics Module 4: Questions

Author: Nishant

Solved questions on hypothesis testing for Known population standard deviation 1. Consider the following hypotheses test a. For a sample size of 189 and a sample mean of  55.8, compute…

Statistics 5C: Sample Questions

Author: Nishant

These set of questions are based on hypothesis testing especially for T distribution.  This is a follow up on the modules covered under Statistics significantly t distribution. Check out modules…