Emerging Trends in Sustainable Finance

 This is an insightful and informative webinar on Sustainable Finance. Nishant Malhotra spoke as a guest speaker for an exclusive webinar with Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, Government of India’s leading think tank. In this webinar, Nishant discusses Emerging Trends in Sustainable Finance – introduces an in-depth understanding of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)/ Sustainable Finance including an overview of investment strategies used for ESG. The module introduces various Sustainable Bonds and shares an overview of Impact Bonds. The middle Road has an exclusive course on Impact Bonds. There is a brief on Venture Funding as a tool for raising capital for early and growth-stage startup’s.

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is the driving force in promoting a start-up ecosystem along with boosting policy implementation for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). Formed under the aegis of Niti Aayog, the premier think-tank of the Government of India, AIM generates innovation within all actors in the society, including academia, non-profits, research organizations, Agri and Medical research to boost socio-economic wellbeing for all. It works as a collaborator and single point of contact in enabling socio-economic reforms generating measurable social change and impact. To foster world-class development and kick-start an entrepreneurship revolution, The webinar was broadcast live on the Atal Innovation Mission YouTube channel and the recording link is below.  The webinar recording also available under the Webinar section on The middle Road.

YouTube: | Atal Innovation Mission Official  | Overview of emerging trends in Sustainable Finance Nishant Malhotra