Nishant Malhotra Founder of Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd & The middle Road platform talks about the startup

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Webinar 2: Nishant talks with Ruchi Mathur in the COVID-19 & Social Impact Series

How is the social sector in India dealing with COVID-19? How is Social India delivering a sustainable impact to the underserved and less people in the society?

Join Nishant Malhotra, in conversation with Ms Ruchi Mathur in the series on COVID-19 & Social Impact series.

Learn key insights on how non-profits especially Pune City Connect are enabling a social change and impact within the sustainable development sector especially during the pandemic. Understand the role of philanthropy in fostering aid to the marginalized people and much more.

About The Speaker:  Ruchi Mathur is currently the CEO of Pune City Connect, a unique platform that enables large scale impact through collaboration with local government, corporates, NGOs and citizens. Pune City Connect works in the areas of Education, Sustainable Livelihood and Digital Empowerment. Ruchi has 25 years’ work experience spanning both, the corporate and the non-profit sector. She has worked in varied functions such as marketing, fund-raising, HR, strategy and CSR Head across myriad industries including advertising, retail, IT and the non-profit sector.

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