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Coronavirus news is spreading across the globe. I watch a few videos and read a bit. It seems it spread from the Wuhan region and straight out of Hollywood movies, Wuhan is in a lock-down. First, Wuhan has a population of 11M, and the reported cases are less than 1000. Second, Chinese authorities understand the complexity of the issue, are transparent and taking appropriate steps to check the spread of disease. Finally, coronavirus strain is not as deadly strain as compared to other virus strains in its category.

Loving-kindness with people in Wuhan region and all affected. Hopefully, its spread is controlled, and things get better. There are a few questions Chinese authorities should be asking and investigating. First, why did suddenly the virus appear right at the time of the lunar festival? Wuhan fish market has been selling fish and animals for some time now. How did this mutated strain emerge suddenly?



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