e-Privacy, Social Computing and Prof Thomas Finholt

In a refreshing chat, Prof Thomas Finholt, Dean of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor spoke about emerging e-Privacy laws in the US and Europe and ethics in social computing. The recent UN report on Digital Cooperation and another UN report emphasis key concerns related to privacy and social computing. The article on Digital Cooperation published here shares a brief synopsis on these concerns. He has a doctorate in social and decision sciences from Carnegie Mellon University. As Europe enacts stringent privacy laws, Prof discusses how taxation and stigmatization also plays a critical role in mitigating negative behavior apart from policies.  


For example, correctly mentioned taxation on cigarettes (negative externalities should always be taxed, read here), and apart from not cool attitude plays a vital role in reducing cigarette sales in the US. Further, key insight about the subscription model, as opposed to advertisements for Facebook to facilitate better privacy guidelines, is an eyeopener. 

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