McAfee, CrowdStrike and Cybersecurity

McAfee is coming out with an IPO this year and might seek a $8B valuation. TPG owns about 51% stake in the IPO with Intel as the other major investor. Thoma Bravo, the present owner of McAfee, owns an undisclosed sum of money in the venture. The turnaround in the company is due to its focus on cloud computing, yet the valuation is not close to Crowdstrike and Zscalr, which have prominence on cloud computing. CrowdStrike rallied more than 70% on the day of its listing closing at $70. Its IPO price was $34. 

Cyber threats are the most significant disruptive force in technology in the wrong way, with an annual cost of $600 billion to $8 trillion to the global economy according to Cybersecurity Ventures. The recent UN high panel report The Age of Digital Interdependence recognizes the evils of Cyber Security as a significant impediment for Digital Cooperation.

Further, the cloud is one of the most positive disruptive technologies and one of the reasons behind revival in Microsoft fortunes in recent times. An increasing number of small and medium enterprises both in developed and emerging markets move to cloud for managing the day to day operations. McAfee old rival, Symantec has given a YTD return of 21.8% this year. For one thing, McAfee is moving in the right direction. 

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