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Refugees and South Sudan

Civil wars in the recent years are the most significant reason for causing disruption of civilian life as well as civil rights abuses especially against women and children. According to UNHCR, over …

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Capital Asset Pricing Model Documentary

The pandemic has disrupted the world, highlighting the uncertainty factor and randomness within the system. The middle Road presents the first educative documentary on the intersection of capital markets and social impact. …

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Does Air Pollution increase COVID-19 Cases

Researchers from the University of Birmingham and Université de Berne conducted a research study in the Netherlands that suggests a correlation between the number of COVID-19 cases and the level of air …

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Electric Vehicles; Tesla and Toyota

Tesla recently became the leading automaker in the world based on market capitalization. Tesla share price was trading at 1389.86 at an EPS of -0.81 at a market capitalization of $257.784B. The …

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Update Traces of COVID-19 found in Spain in March 2019 sample

This is an update to the previous note on Traces of COVID-19 found in Spain in March 2019 sample under Global Bytes. The post mentioned recent COVID-19 cases in Beijing to have …

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Traces of COVID-19 found in Spain in March 2019 sample

Spanish researchers find traces of COVID-19 in a sample of wastewater collected in Barcelona in March 2019; More results awaited to rule out false positive. The data from New York indicated Europe …

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AI: Robo Advisors

First published under Insights, this snippet on Artificial Intelligence is reposted here.  For those who have seen Matrix and Space Odyssey 2000, understand the disruptive power of AI. Artificial Intelligence might not be truly disruptive in …

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2018: Tipping Point: Rise of Middle Class

First published on this site in 2019, the edited version is reposted here now. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, 2018 is going to be a huge tipping …

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International Women’s Day, Taylor Swift Factor and Its a Fender

First published under Insights sometime, its reposted under Global Bytes now. Jimi Hendrix’s riffs inspired millions and influenced many lead guitarists to emulate him but its Taylor Swift Factor which is inspiring …

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