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Biodiversity and Nature Based Solutions

Biodiversity and Nature Based Solutions     The age of industrialization has brought colossal damage to Planet Earth. As the war cry for Climate Change gains momentum, the societal destruction and negative externalities …

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#COVID-19 Response

IMF Social Change and Impact

This note discusses how IMF is enabling social change & impact through proposed initiatives especially for low income countries to fight COVID-19.

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US donates 500 million Pfizer doses to COVAX cause

# US Vaccination Donation and COVAX Cause  The US is going to donate 500 million doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine through the COVAX program to low and middle-income countries based on a …

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Is Federal Reserve going to increase rates sooner than expected ?

The middle Road believes that the vaccine rollout in the US has been excellent that might have contributed to an increase in inflation in the last couple of months apart from the stimulus and …

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Ireland 60 years of United Nations Peacekeeping

Ireland has participated in over 20 peacekeeping missions and completed over 70,000 individual tours, making it the country with the longest unbroken record globally of serving United Nations Peacekeeping operations. Over the last …

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World Economic Outlook, IMF and Divergent Recovery

IMF came out with its latest World Economic Outlook Forecast for 2021 at 6% compared to the -3.3% contract in 2020. The pandemic has widened the gap between rich and poor and …

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The Second Wave COVID19 US and India Overview

# India Tragedy Unfolds- A Grim Reality   India recorded more than 412,000 cases on 5 May 2021 as death numbers continue to climb. India’s official death numbers were more than 3800 yesterday, …

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Recent surge of COVID-19 in India and Insights

As COVID-19 cases are rising again in India with daily record cases that remain the highest in the world, the second wave of novel coronavirus is devastating to say the least. Dr. …

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