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Joe Biden President Elect

Joe Biden is the President-Elect, all set to become the 46th President of the United States of America after he won the state of Pennsylvania. Joe is leading in Georgia and most likely to take his final electoral votes tally to 306 from 290 (by the time of publication) if he holds his lead in Arizona and wins Georgia. Close to receiving ~75 million votes, the highest in US history, this is a significant win for Mr. Biden. A seasoned statesman, Joe Biden spent eight years in the White House as the Vice President of President Barack Obama.

The key challenge for the President-Elect would be to focus on domestic issues but at the same time nurture back long-standing foreign relationships. The middle Road selected Joe Biden as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination and US elections with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. However, the road ahead will be fun but difficult. As both Democrat and Republicans battle it out for a tightrope majority in the Senate, the President-Elect will have to bring together a divided nation. As a global outpouring of wishes showers down on Joe Biden and VP Elect Kamala Harris, the election of Joe Biden is a positive turning point not only for the US but also for the world for enabling a sustained social change and impact. As streets around the world rejoice Biden’s winning news, it’s time to take a deep breath and have a good one. 


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