KU Leuven: Innovation at its Best

Reuters ranked KU Leuven as the most innovative university in Europe for the fourth year in a row. Based in Flanders, Belgium, KU Leuven is consistently rated among the best universities globally by many renowned publications. Founded in 1425, it is also the oldest catholic university globally. One of the critical features of the university is its emphasis on research and international focus. It competes with full tech and research-focused universities esp: Cambridge, Oxford, University of Copenhagen, highlights its pedigree in its study and ability to economize its patents. According to Reuter’s key parameters for rankings include patent filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization in the period between 2011 and 2016 and academic papers. The university has facilitated spin-offs of more than 100 companies and is one of the global leaders in tech transfer.

Belgium has a population of 11M but outranks the UK, France, Scandinavian countries, and Germany as the most innovative universities per capita in Europe. Germany has the most universities in the top 100, followed by the UK and France. Russia, the most populous country in Europe, has no university among the top 100. The US undoubtedly leads to producing the most innovative universities, followed by Canada.