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Refugees and South Sudan

Civil wars in the recent years are the most significant reason for causing disruption of civilian life as well as civil rights abuses especially against women and children. According to UNHCR, over 30 million forcibly displaced people in the world are children. Years of fighting and recent natural disasters have caused ~1.7 million people to be internally displaced and the ongoing pandemic is further exacerbating the problem. 35 COVID-19 cases have already been registered and lack of adequate medical facilities along with close proximity of living among the improvised people will accelerate misery among the population.

In the past year alone more than 2,00,000 people have fled to Ethiopia to escape the brutalities of the war ravaging South Sudan.  The humanitarian crisis looming ahead is colossal. One in five children under the age of five among the refugees suffers from malnutrition. Further, the transition of the refugees remains uncertain with little to less than adequate means of career development and equitable education. The wars in parts of Africa and Middle East have in the recent years created a humanitarian crisis of unending proportions highlighting the inefficiencies and limitations of the United Nations and its affiliated partners. The world needs a united front to address the concerns, a multifaceted approach through a consortium of partnerships within the civic societies’ framework for a global good. A platform for championing social good.

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