Shetland and Alison O’Donnell

The middle Road ranks Shetland as one of the best crime dramas of all time; Alison O’Donnell as Detective Sergeant Alison Macintosh “nicknamed Tosh” epitomizes the spirit of women–The middle Road declares Alison an enabler for her breakout acting. Alison has been selected especially for the delicate approach to her character scoring points on the way she talks and carries herself in the tv series. Alison O’Donnell and Dakota Fanning for her role in The Alienist stand out. Based in Scotland, Shetland showcases a heavenly landscape of Scottish islands defining pristine beauty unmatched in time. Unsurpassable and timeless. Alison brings to life the art of subtlety. The Alienist although a great series is very dark and the platform leaves it to the audience to decide if they want to watch it. More on Shetland and Alison at a later date.

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