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Understanding Impact Evaluation

Impact Evaluation plays a fundamental role in understanding the impact of policies and interventions within the social and development sector. Today, the evidence-based policy approach is building up globally to drive in accountability, transparency, and learning. Data analysis facilitates the effectiveness of social impact and program evaluation of both experimental and non-experimental design-based approaches to solve complex problems in the international development sector. Theory of Change, a strategic decision-making tool forms the backbone of designing impact evaluation problems to address long-lasting long-term change. The educative tutorial herein discusses the underlying chain of preconditions/outcomes achieved through a series of interventions, measured through a set of indicators which are the underpinning of the theory of change model.

This is the first impact evaluation module and complements the series of tutorials on Statistics, a buildup to the course on Regression Analysis. This Impact Evaluation module shares a fantastic perspective on the processes involved in structuring impact evaluation program, technical aspects of impact measurement, a brief overview of the theory of change, and the concept of experimental and non-experimental policy measurement tools within the sustainable development sector.

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