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World Economic Outlook, IMF and Divergent Recovery

IMF came out with its latest World Economic Outlook Forecast for 2021 at 6% compared to the -3.3% contract in 2020. The pandemic has widened the gap between rich and poor and the economic growth is vaccine dependant. Malhar Nabar, heads the WEO, says the divergent recoveries between countries due to vaccine dependence remains a concern. Few critical aspects not discussed are the woeful implementation of policies with different countries, lack of an adequate healthcare system backed by corruption, and accountability that has made the effect of the novel coronavirus worse. Apart from the trauma, the crisis has laid off  millions of  workers, many of them key breadwinners for their families, and kept children out of schools. Online learning is limited in low-income countries, the ongoing novel SARS crisis has swelled the already existing educational lacuna within the global arena.

IMF’s recent proposal of funding $50 billion of investment within the global development sector to end the pandemic faster although holistic does not address one of the most significant agendas that have emerged from the pandemic. The anger and frustration among civic societies and private actors towards the mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis by incompetent government officials.

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