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Great Quote by The Dude

“Conservative at heart but liberal in thoughts & views”…The Dude aka Nish

My American friend appraised me that the above quote could have political ramifications in United States. The quote is apolitical and want to articulate my thoughts here.

Conservative at heart means someone who gives preference to family values, spirituality,wholesome actions and follows a moderate path in life. Liberal in thoughts and views means an intellectual backed by scientific inquisitiveness who focuses on education, knowledge, science and innovation as catalyst for a better world, believes in social equity with peace and harmony among all as a means of living.

Want to share a great quote which had read in Readers Digest long time back. Cannot recall the name of the author but do remember the words which has been imprinted on my mind ever since.

The light at the end of the tunnel could be an oncoming train…Anonymous

The light at the end of the tunnel could be an oncoming bullet train…Improvised version by The Dude

Hey Nish you are so negative…

No actually its makes sense. It might be highly improbable but nevertheless still possible. I am just being pragmatic here. But you have to agree its a bit funny…

But Seriously…But Seriously is also the name of the titanic music album by Phil Collins which included the worldwide hit Another Day in Paradise. I loved the song so much that I foolishly dared to sing it in front of few people in a party or to be more precise thought I was singing. Went on to be one of my most embarrassing moments which I have quiet a few in life. When a girl came up to me and said Hey Nishant why did you not sing the song which sort of flabbergasted me since I was under the impression I had sung…

Nappy time…leave you with a monumental song which launched 100 ships…

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