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Impact Evaluation Enabling Social Change & Impact

‘Theory of change is a dynamic, critical thinking process, it makes the initiative clear and transparent – it underpins strategic planning. It is developed in a participatory way over time, following a logical structure that is rigorous and specific, and that can meet a quality test by the stakeholder. The terminology is not important, it is about buying into the critical thinking.’ Helene Clark, ActKnowledge1

Impact Evaluation plays a fundamental role in understanding the impact of policies and interventions within the social and development sector. Today, the evidence-based policy approach is building up globally to drive accountability, transparency, and learning. Data analysis facilitates the effectiveness of social impact and program evaluation for experimental and non-experimental design-based approaches to solving complex problems in the international development sector. The Theory of Change is a strategic decision-making tool for designing impact evaluation problems to address long-lasting long-term change. The educative video herein introduces the concept of Impact Evaluation. The underlying process of impact evaluation aligns with the Theory of Change concept.

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