This section will exclusively publish presentations and tutorials focused towards educating people across diverse topics ranging from Finance & Economics, History & Civilizations, Humanitarianism & Social Causes and Science & Technology.

The majority of the work published here would be of Quintessential Dude ” Nishant Malhotra” but other presentations could also be highlighted with sources listed.

Curious Case of Investments: Overview of Equity, Fixed Income and Alternatives

Portfolio Management & Investment Analysis…Signature Series   

The module will include series of presentations detailing theory of portfolio management, portfolio management strategies, investment products based on investment strategies, derivatives and derivative strategies.

The very best from The Quintessential Dude aka The Quintessential Professor…



Signature Series…Structured Products: A Detailed Analysis

The module is tailor made for employees working in asset management space in wealth management ( International Private Banking). To understand the module prior knowledge of derivatives is required. ( An overview of options like call, put etc)

This module will give everyone a complete overview of simple and exotic structures.

  • The presentation on structured product includes an overview of plain vanilla structured products.
  • Different types of complex & exotic structures including different kinds of structured notes.
  • Valuation of a plain vanilla structured product.
  • Reference : CMFAS Module 6A, Fibozzi and Hull