Impact Evaluation Module 2: Understanding Impact Bonds

The impact bonds module covers a detailed overview of both social and development impact bonds. The educational video shares a global overview of this instrument and how it is driving social innovation within the social and development sector. Innovative and refreshing, the tutorial discusses why Impact Bonds are more quasi derivative instruments. The course follows up the module on Theory of Change and shares a comprehensive overview of social and development impact bonds.

Impact Bonds are part of Sustainable Finance or Sustainable Investing class of social quasi derivative instruments focused towards generating social and environmental good along with a monetary return

  • A tool used by global actors within the development to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Impact Bonds are aligned towards themes within the corporate social responsibility for meeting social good 
  • Facilitates evidence-based approach towards addressing solutions for problems in the social sector 
  • Builds on the public-private partnership model with multiple actors working on a collaborative model  

Global Overview Impact Bonds Contracted | Source Brookings | The middle Road

This module shares a detailed overview of impact bonds, key actors and their growth, differences between development and social impact bonds, different types of impact bonds, examples of social impact bonds with a comprehensive explanation of the structure of these bonds.

The educational module discusses pay for success bonds underlying asset structure treating it as a quasi-derivative structure. The module is a must for actors who want to know more about new instruments within the social impact structure.