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March For Our Lives: DC and Nudging

March For Our Lives was the largest single date protest in the history of the nation’s capital according to an article in the USA today. The protest for stricter gun control demonstration in US and DC was only one of the cities where the demonstrations were held.I wanted to attend the event but came to know about it a bit late. I deeply empathize with all victims and their families and hope there is a consensus among both parties in implementing much stronger gun control regulations. I also avoided attending considering the political overtones but felt I will surely write about it. Joe Biden made his presence felt by attending the event and would be contesting next  Presidential election and this looks interesting.

However, I think there is some problem in the US. Someone knows a lot of working of the human mind and there is a lot of nudging going on.  I used to earlier follow the shootings and it seems many of these killings do not make sense. In some of the mass shooting and based on police reports, the shooter was allegedly nudged into committing the crime by websites etc. This is really bothersome and FBI should investigate more on this report. Moreover, recent reports on data leakage from Facebook and based on Cambridge Analytica poses a very troubling information. About 220 million Americans data has been compromised, which means someone has sensitive information which can be used to nudge them into a conditioned behavior. I look at outlier events and something stood out a little more than a couple of years back. Guess who won the Nobel Prize for economics this year…Richard Thaler whose claim to fame is behavioral economics and wrote a book Nudge. I am sharing this example to only suggest that the scientific world has started to acknowledge the causal effect of nudging to change people’s behavior.

More than two years back I came to know that I was getting nudged on Facebook. We will come to it after some time. Coming back to Cambridge Analytica, the parent company of the UK-based company, SCL Elections, has a legacy of interfering in democratic elections. Attached BBC article below. It’s not very easy to connect the dots reading articles and reports from the website and requires serious investigative journalism. All these points conclusively point that Tianjin blasts were indeed an international and domestic conspiracy to assassinate President Xi. ( There is some history here which starts with me writing the report Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets and starting this blog). Let’s say you go for an international examination and you read a comprehensive passage and you start laughing out loud. Guess the passage was on Pittsburgh and museums and everyone knows I really love both. The next passage is on presentations and its very closely base don a presentation you gave recently. Of course, this could be a coincidence but when one starts looking at events over the past one year, the dots start connecting. I had published an article on VIX index here sometime back about how low the index was and look at what happened to the index after the article was published.

There will be a separate article nudging and framing. If I remember California shooting correctly, Apple refused to release details of communication of the shooters on iPhone which could have led to valuable evidence on what prompted the shooters to suddenly kill so many people. All this does not make sense. Someone has to look at the broad picture and start an investigation into what is happening around the world. Something is not correct?. Americans are being to show a herd mentality which is not true to the underlying behavior of this country. We will look into why I wrote the previous sentence as a separate article. We now live in a frightening world against a power of immense proportion.


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