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Podcast Episode 3: Nishant speaks with Jagdish Kini

Jagdish Kini

Nishant Malhotra talks to Mr. Jagdish Kini for Podcast Episode 3 on The Middle Road.

The following is an excerpt of my conversation with Jagdish and not a substitute for the Podcast. Listen to the Podcast here.

Mr. Jagdish Kini is an ICF certified global executive coach, trained under Marshall Goldsmith and Dr. David Rock of the Neuroleadership Group. Jagdish wore many hats professionally and was the Executive Director and CEO of Bharti Airtel Limited, Managing Director Gillette, India and Sales Director L’Oreal, India and presently works as a coach, consultant, and an entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of Bombay University, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and INSEAD (Fontainebleau France). Jagdish loves sports and is a travel enthusiast. His “Expect More, Achieve More” coaching is highly regarded and has coached many senior and middle-level executives including CXOs, entrepreneurs and leaders from small and medium enterprises and nonprofits. Our conversation has deep social impact issues especially those concerning youth and wannabe entrepreneurs.  

Hello Jagdish, great to have you at The Middle Road for another stimulating Podcast. Listen to the Podcast here.

I start with a question on specific qualities and skills which help Jagdish succeed in his career. Jagdish credits sports for helping him develop as a person, including tenacity, his sound foundation in life and his acceptance of realities around him. 

                                                     “Dream Big, Display Courage, Take Risk” Jagdish message to youngsters. 

Further, Jagdish gives due credit to P&G management trainee program for developing excellent management acumen in him and developing him as a steadfast manager. We discuss how consumer preferences have changed over the years and his leadership course at INSEAD. Jagdish emphasis leaders to expand the market citing an example from his Gillette and the global experience, especially France at INSEAD. Listen to the Podcast here


Our conversation delves into Coffee with Kini, a holistic initiative of mentoring youngsters in Bangalore through group discussions and forums. Today’s youth in metro cities in India are smitten by the entrepreneurship bug, driving stress and anxiety along with peer pressure to succeed. This news stunned me on how the paradigm of our society in metropolitan cities is changing. This is more poignant in Bangalore, Karnataka, which leads the startup culture in India followed by Maharashtra in India. 

Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s government in India has kick-started a startup revolution in India allocating a corpus of INR 10,000Cr approx. $1.39B awarded to funding startups through fund of funds investment structure. More on the startup story in India in a separate article. Listen to the Podcast here

Jagdish correctly points out the importance of accelerators and incubators as catalysts for facilitating sustainable entrepreneurship culture. Under the Startup India Vision 2024 program, India plans to launch 50,000 startups, 500 new incubators, and accelerators and generate 2M jobs by 2024. I respect Jagdish’s philanthropic initiative in helping wannabe entrepreneurs by providing free co-working space for a year. 

Towards the end, we discussed his present avatar as a coach, his experience under renowned coach Marshall Goldsmith, David Rock, and SCARF

                                                                 “Technology is a leveler and not a differentiator. People are differentiators.”


                                                      SCARF: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness  

We had a very comprehensive discussion over an hour which I have made available to everyone here. Our conversation covered many aspects of life with intricate details, including examples and insights from business, social impact, well-being to the latest from the world of neuro leadership, emotional intelligence, and emotional quotient. All these aspects play a fundamental role in enabling effective decision making and influencing people. It was a lively, informative, and articulate discussion with Jagdish and very glad he accepted my request for a Podcast. Jagdish enunciated the conversation with experiences to bring out a human touch to structure our broad yet focused discussion impacting millions out there.

I am looking forward to reading more on neuro leadership, a topic of keen interest to me, especially to understand the realm of mindfulness, neuro, and cognitive science. Podcast here.

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