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Man of the Year: Jerome Powell

2018, Man of the year, goes to the FED chairman Jerome Powell. Sorry, it’s not Bradley Cooper and in fact, I am yet to watch A Star is Born. In spite of unwanted …

Way of Living

XMAS, Spiderman and Blended Capital

Christmas is around the corner and undoubtedly marks the biggest festive time around the world. 

Finance & Economics

NIFTY 50 Index weekly options and Indian Bond Market

The national stock exchange (NSE) is launching Nifty 50 index weekly options. The launch comes on the back of success in launching weekly options in the equity derivative segment of NIFTY Bank …

Wellbeing & Fitness

Mary Kom, 10 K, Marathon and Fitness

Mary Kom, “Epic Women” epitomizes fitness in India for both men and women. She is a six times winner of world boxing championship and hails from the northeastern part of India. North …

Social Impact

Donate to Wikipedia

Only 1 percent of the readers of Wikipedia give to the free online encyclopedia. Wikipedia changed the way we read and assimilate information. Please donate any amount to a very just social …

Finance & Economics

End of LIBOR…So what is SOFR?

LIBOR, the benchmark rate for trillions of dollars of financial products is going to be phased out. This news escaped my radar until recently and now there are many articles on this …





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