ATM: Positive Disruption

Recently, I read a Capgemini report which mentioned how the proliferation of technology helped generate jobs. ATM cards at one point of time where disrupters in the banking industry. There was a fear that they would take away jobs from tellers. However, opposite happened. As ATM usage became ubiquitous, tellers in banks were more productive in other aspects of service. Increased familiarity with the usage of ATM led to fewer footfalls in the bank of customers who only came to withdraw or deposit cash. It helped the bank to allocate resources more efficiently. In turn, not only tellers but other employees at the bank become more resourceful and hence more productive. The marginal productivity of the employees increased which helped bank branches to become more profitable through a more focused approach to discuss clients needs. This could be emphasis on personal investment products,  better customer relationship management etc. This led banks to open more branches which resulted in the increased employment of tellers and other service representatives. It very difficult to envision effect of the emergence of disruptive technology over the short-term without looking at potential consequences over the long-term.  One of the themes dedicated on this blog would be technology…

US: The Spiritual Embodiment

Its been a while since I wrote here. the reason is very simple. It’s been a long time and the website although assessed around the world did not generate the traction which I was looking for. The much-awaited article on the quintessential spirit of America is still remaining. To share a perspective, over the last 50 years, the US has played a very important part in the rise of spiritual wave around the world apart from the important role played by Canada and some countries in Europe. I will explore this part of the US in series of articles going forward.

Bond Market Sentiments

Janet Yellen reiterated again that FED would be raising interest rates soon. The bond yields should rise since the price of the bonds will fall with a rise in interest rates. The fact is very simple. New bonds will be issued with higher coupon rates i.e. with higher interest rates so investors will sell their present holdings to acquire new bonds. Remember, most investors generally do not hold bonds until maturity and many bonds are traded like stocks although equities are more liquid compared to bonds. Sale in the bond holdings brings down the prices of the present bonds. However, the escalating risk due to North Korea has made investors vary with more buying of treasuries. This has resulted in a muted effect on the prices of US sovereign bonds. Continue reading Bond Market Sentiments

Update and plan going forward

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It’s been some time since I wrote something on my blog. I was away for Vipassana meditation and did a 10-day course after a long break. I am happy I was able to attend a course in the US and able to fulfill a small wish I had taken since I am not sure how long I am able to stay in the US. Still looking for a job and folks who are regular readers here, would be deeply grateful if you could help me in my endeavor.

Please reach me at Moreover, have been very busy looking for a job. Plan to again start writing with a focus on research-based articles.  Keep a look out here…


Social Impact

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I was writing an article on Social Impact which would have been based on substance abuse but decided against it. I have been very busy with work and decided to write another article on Social Impact which would be more general and not very specific. I would have to restart my research again and this could take some time. Intermittently I would be posting smaller articles based on social causes over the coming month.

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