One for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup starts on 14 of this month. According to FIFA, 44% of world’s population watched at least one minute of soccer during the last world cup. Not sure how the statistics i.e. the sampling worked out for this figure but the biggest sporting spectacle would start in two days.

Rise of Impact Investing in India

Impact investing in India is the largest in South Asia and second in the world according to a report published in May 2016, titled A decade of impact investing in India. Impact investing or impact capital’s mission is to create a positive social impact related to social or environmental cause along with a financial return. Impact capital has a dual goal, blended, between social (first priority)  and financial return. Continue reading

Blue Planet ||

Highly recommend the documentary Blue Planet 2. Water covers about 70% of the surface of this planet yet we know nothing about life beneath the oceans. The documentary Blue Planet is a triumph on many grounds. The documentary opens with the most benevolent organisms on this planet…Ah, Dolphins. The documentary is both a visual and informative spectacle spread out over the next 1 hour 34 minutes, encompassing underwater ecosystem. Breathtaking visuals, it’s very informative and intellectually stimulating.


One for Soccer World Cup

Soccer world cup is starting soon and I want to write something on soccer. I want to cover Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Johan Cruff is unarguably not only one of the greatest soccer players of all time but also one of the greatest coaches and managers of all time.

This article would include videos, photos to make it colorful and plan to release it before the world cup…Stay tuned…

China Category Included

I have written many articles on China but do not have China as a tag. This blog began when I started writing about China and now have included China as a tag to make search easier..

One for China & India: Mr. Modi& President Xi

Buddha  “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

It is very heartening that Mr. Modi is taking a very moderate and middle path between the US and China as a foreign policy. The relations between China and India go back to more than 2000 years considering the cultural ties between the two countries. Continue reading

Coming up…

Articles on impact investing in India. The article on fin-tech would be revised further.

Also, planning to feature a weekly synopsis of global news, especially news featuring financial markets, global development etc. Global readership has surpassed 23,000 times and its time to start some new features on the website. Stay tuned…