One for French Solaridity: Hope Ignites

Fantastic article by a leading spiritualist Susan Salzberg. This article also includes a video of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife in the recent IS attack in France. It is a very moving video of compassion and indomitable spirit. Please like the video on YouTube and circulate it around. For humanity

PuneConnect Start Up: Mini Silicon Valley; Milieu of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

IMG_20151128_114315_HDRThis is my first major feature on Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Today I had visited a one day start up event organised by SEAP & PuneConnect. I got to know about the event a bit late. I wanted to meet some angel investors to raise capital for my blog but since my Blog/ Website is an evolving business idea, its better to see how my blog evolves. BTW thanks to everyone for fantastic response. It is always a good idea to meet mart techies dudes and to learn a bit about technology. Hey Dude what are you saying. Have you not studied enough? No knowledge is evolving and have I not set before I am an evolving Dude. Left Pic Dude with Football Mind Team  Continue reading “PuneConnect Start Up: Mini Silicon Valley; Milieu of Innovation & Entrepreneurship”

One for Zuckerberg: Congratulations & Paternity Leave

To begin I would like to congratulate Mark and his wife for they will soon give birth to a daughter. Great news and very good and thoughtful decision by Zuckerberg to take two months paternity leave. I think this will set a trend for companies going forward.

My best wishes will always be with you. Change the world for the better my friend

The Dude is correct again: Mr Modi a Winner; Read Standard Chartered Bank’s Report

Attaching a reportp11_650_052714120028 by Standard Chartered Bank which declares Mr Modi and his team winners in terms of divisiveness, development work and leadership. The report is winner for Mr Modi’ government and ultimately silences his critics. Great showing my other countries China, Indonesia, Kenya Singapore and Nigeria.

The Dude has been ahead of the curve in his analysis of the economies and leaders around the world. Great going and well done

Read my article on Mr Modi

Shirdi Sai Baba..Two Little Angels: An Update & Message For All

1538688_662181860591559_4383902161859061392_nYesterday myself and Suprabha (from Maher India)  went to Shirdi to find the two angels so we could rehabilitate them in Maher. We tried out best but could not find them. However we got some information about them and will share a full article on our efforts. I feel deeply sorry about our misfortune but I have made pledge to find them. Please read my previous article about them

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