IMF agrees with The Dude

The Dude is correct again with his accurate estimate that China should be included in the SDR basket. Is The Dude mother of all analysts & predictors of global economy.

The IMF recently gave a green signal to Yuan to be included in SDR. Check out the report

Curious Case Of US Deficit: A Life of Excesses

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ABC Farms Cheese Festive: A Symbol of Creativity & Triump of Indian Culture

12122876_1048707438507236_6857199284947188811_nOne of my friends suggested we visit the very famous Cheese festive near my house in ABC farms. Whenever I hear cheese I recall my favorite sitcom Big Bang Theory and Penny. Penny played by Kaley works in a cheese cake factory and the sitcom chronicles the life of very high IQ nerds mostly theoretical physicists scientists. The sitcom also brought to life the character of an Indian scientist played by Kunal Nayyar. The serial although absolutely unbelievably funny and scientifically very accurate about the facts discussed in the serial does not depict the lives of scientists in the right way. I think American are highly opinionated about people who excel in academics or technology depicting them as socially inapt while the movie The Martian is a more accurate take on behavior of scientists. I will always remember Penny words yelling Sheldon! Sheldon! Of course the Great Sheldon is a double PHD. Hey man lets not digress from our topic at hand. More on this sitcom later on but lets watch a small clip first

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