Why India needs a lot of fighter jets? RAFALE & GRIPEN

Dassault has finally cleared the controversy over Rafale planes, and its time we move ahead with more orders for fighter planes. Indian Air-force desperately needs fighter planes to replenish its existing defunct MIG 21 and MIG 27 squadrons. I am writing this article as an exception. A country must have a redoubtable defense to protect against any threats. Generally a critic of defense spending, here I am emphasizing purchase of fighter jets. Compared to peers, India lags behind in defense know how in spite of many attacks and threats to our motherland. Continue reading “Why India needs a lot of fighter jets? RAFALE & GRIPEN”


Going ahead with my article on elementary particles, a fact about matter particles i.e. quarks. Individual quarks cannot be observed while only bounded states of quarks and anti quarks known as mesons are  observed.  Quarks have asymptotic freedom i.e. force between quarks is weak over shorter distances while stronger over longer distances. This is a  small correction to my earlier article wherein it could be implied that individual quarks had been observed.


One for Science: Elementary Particles, Mass and Forces of Nature

In pursuit of science, fitness, and happiness, this article is a continuation of the video shared here on fat loss. The chemical equation of human fat C55H104O6 decomposes into Carbon and Oxygen.  Ruben Meerman’s video on the mathematics of weight loss led to the genesis of this article. Dipped with a small dose of quantum mechanics, this article shares a very brief overview of the micro world of elementary particles and laws of nature governing our bodies and this Universe.

Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms play a fundamental role in burning fat. About 96% of human body is made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Hydrogen and Helium are also the elements which build the atomic mass of our universe. Hydrogen and Helium atoms make up 99.8 % of all atoms and 98% of all atomic mass in the Universe. An atom has protons and neutrons in its nucleus with electrons orbiting the nucleus.  Protons and neutrons have the same weight which is much more than the weight of electrons. Mass of electrons is negligible compared to the weight of protons and neutrons. The number of protons decides the elementary characteristics of the elements on the periodic table. The mass differs from the weight. Mass measured by mass of atoms in the body which is equal to the mass of protons and neutrons combined. Mass is constant while weight changes according to the gravitation pull of the planet. The movies Interstellar and The Martian are good examples of how weights can vary in different planets. Continue reading “One for Science: Elementary Particles, Mass and Forces of Nature”

Math of fat and weight loss: Is there an arbitrage ?

Many fitness enthusiasts might not be aware that fat has a mathematical equation.  Have you ever wondered how does weight loss happen ? Welcome to an intersection of science, mathematics and  weight loss. Coming soon mathematics of fat and the art behind weight loss…

I shared this video with a few people before I decided to post here. The equation of human fat is C55H104O6.  The article is intended to be a lot on fundamentals of physics and will try to complete the article by tomorrow. Till then, watch this informative video…

Statistics series will soon begin. Three types of statistical methods are used throughout econometrics : estimation, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.  Stay tuned…

The Game Changers

The Game Changers, a documentary produced by James Cameroon, follows the life of James Wilk and introduces the world to world-class athletes, nutrition experts with a focus on vegan diet. The documentary is thought-provoking throwing new perspective on fitness and muscle building. Usually, animal-based protein is emphasized for building muscles and this documentary changes the way we perceive vegetarian food. Looking forward to watching this documentary…Maybe this one could change the way you eat and live…I eat both vegetarian and non vegetarian food although very briefly I had become a vegetarian. I have met with people who turned vegan over the years who have inspired me to turn vegan. I am now seriously considering to become a vegan although its going to a slow but consistent process…


The beauty of e…

Sharing one of the most insightful and informative videos on the meaning of e. e is commonly used in natural logarithms and in computing continuous compounding. In layman terms,  e is the greatest possible result after continuously compounding one hundred percent growth over one time period…A must watch video…

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, end of an era and floods in Kerala

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, one of the foremost leaders and statesman in India recently  passed away. Atalji, an eloquent orator known for his poetic and snail based speeches,  will be forever remembered his benevolence, character and trustworthiness.


Floods in Kerala were the worst in a century for the gods own country. Kerala, is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and breathtaking states in India known for its Natural Landscape, Ayurveda and Yoga among other advantages. It would be good to give to help people in Kerala and even a small token amount will go a long way. All donations are directly credited to Kerala chief minister relief fund.



Coming Up…Corporate Social Responsibility-2 percent rule

Corporates in India would now have to give an average of 2 percent of their profits to projects related to corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility refers to holistic action taken by companies to improve positive social or environmental impact on the society.

The companies on whom the provisions of the CSR shall be applicable are contained in Sub Section 1 of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. As per the said section, the companies having Net worth of INR 500 crore or more; or Turnover of INR 1000 crore or more; or Net Profit of INR 5 crore or more during any financial year shall be required to constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board “hereinafter CSR Committee” with effect from 1st April, 2014. The pictorial representation below gives the representation of Section 135 (1).

This a huge positive development and would attract $2.9B (INR 20,000 crore) in investments for the social sector, a game changer looking at the improvised state of affairs in India for less privileged people. The danger would always be there that many companies would run shell companies which act as fronts for CSR activities while siphoning the money back to their businesses. But, the act greatly promotes accountability and transparency within the corporate giving system.

To be continued…

Bolivia Case Study: End of Poverty

Will write a bit about Bolivia and the policies implemented by Dr Sachs as covered in his riveting book The End of Poverty. The End of Poverty is a very detailed book and includes policy initiatives and impediments in removing poverty in many different countries. Bolivia suffered from hyperinflation and the remedy prescribed by Jeffery Sachs helped in stabilizing inflation and promoting growth. The article will ignore the factual pricing of oil in pesos or exchange rate between USD and Peso but rather conceptualize the thoughtful and analytical policy response to stabilize the economy. This will also in a way include book review.

Trickle-down Economics: End of an Era in the US

Last few months have been very tragic for the world and especially for the United States. Global trade war esp. focused on China, Iran sanctions and multitude of disrespectful tweets have become the norm now out of Washington. I have studied in China and the US, so have a very close experience with people from both these countries. Some of the best people I have met in life are Chinese and Americans. Graceful, advanced, measured and wholesome.

Anyways, I always tried to write a bit about Trickle-down economics. If you want to know a bit about American political and economic ideology which divides Republicans and Democrats, then the best place to start would be the 1980s era which implemented the so-called Trickledown  economics. The policy reduced taxes on the rich apart from disrupting social welfare programs hoping that it would stimulate entrepreneurship within the society leading to more jobs for the less privileged people in the society.

This is the greatest fallacy thrown to the world. The concentration of the wealth among the rich increased after the 1980s especially among the top 1% of the population. Moreover, Gini Coefficient, an inequality measure increased over the years. The higher the gini coefficient, the more the economic inequality among the population. Continue reading “Trickle-down Economics: End of an Era in the US”

Exchange Traded Funds: Rise of Passive Investing…Series Begins

This article has first posted here on July, 18 2017. Sharing it again. 

ETF also known as Exchange Traded Funds are on a meteoric rise globally. According to a report by PWC, ETF’s in the US is going to grow to $5.9 trillion by 2021, a whopping 23% cumulative annual growth compared to $1.6 trillion in Europe and $560 billion in Asia. ETF’s are passive investment products which track an index. Exchange Traded Funds are linked to different asset classes like equities and commodities. In the US, S&P 500 would be a broad equity index so an ETF linked to S&P 500 would replicate this index. Replication here means it would track the index. ETF would not outperform the underlying index i.e. S&P 500 but rather deliver similar returns. Let’s understand a few concepts here.   Continue reading “Exchange Traded Funds: Rise of Passive Investing…Series Begins”