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Pittsburgh…American Spirit

I had to visit Pittsburgh for something personal which could not be avoided. Nature sometimes takes you to places which turnout to be heaven. In US if you are travelling, its best to book through Airbnb. I had used Airbnb, when I had traveled to Chicago for a competition for a day.  It was a pleasant stay at both the places. Airbnb, gives a discount for the first trip, so its always better to use business or university id. Airbnb became profitable in 2016 and is valued around $31 bn. It is the second most valuable start up in America and raised about $3 bn  in various rounds of funding. 

According to Wikipedia, Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, known for erstwhile steel industry and bridges. It has an eclectic mix of skyscrapers, parks, world renowned universities, bridges, museums, cultural centers and the one and only magnificent Point State Park.  Point State Park is located at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers and is at the very heart of  the city.

After traveling to a few cities in US, I understand the wonderful philosophy around which the cities are built in US. Usually prominent cities have well developed and equipped universities, which serves as the bedrock of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Museums and art highlight the culture heritage of the city & country. Downtown part of city is the commercial hub. I landed in Oakland, a very vibrant center in the city with home to three universities including University of Pittsburgh  and Carnegie Mellon University along with shopping centers, museums, libraries and a breathtaking view of The Mother of All Buildings…The Cathedral…a monumental building housing many class rooms in University of Pittsburgh.  (above inset photo). The place is near a garden surrounded by museum and eateries which are a must visit. Oakland, is a bit like Ann Arbor, blend of educational centers and commercial places. A walk around the place is like walk around the 

Oakland, is not far from downtown which houses the majority of skyscrapers and the jewel in the crown, Point State Park.




The downtown area in Pittsburgh is very well laid out and structured. I loved to walk around teh area and found it to be much comparable to Chicago. As a matter of fact, the area around the 6th avenue especially Point State Park is mindbogglingly. Point State Park has a huge park surrounded by river where you could ride in motorboats. The background of the park is an encapsulating mountain with a rail road track, a breathtaking panoramic view.

Three Rivers Arts Festival, an annual event was being celebrated during my visit. Point State Park served as the focal point of the festive with a rock group performing in the park surrounded by various eateries. The park was full of people from all walks of life. Adults with kids, elderly people with teenagers mixed around with fun and laughter echoing around the park. The highlight was that no alcohol was served in the park and there was a small detour for the same in a hotel nearby.  Yet there was a milieu of celebration  filled with enjoyment, is a testament to the fact on sophistication of people in the city.

En-route to the park, I witnessed a well choreographed street dance something I had kept for New York.

Highlight of my visit was the spectacular aerobatic show performed on the top of  skyscraper. Very talented and flexible ladies turned the city alive through their superlative feats. Most of the onlookers including myself lay down on the pavement as we were awe struck my the show at hand.

The event was straight out of a Hollywood movie. As the artists, came down from the top performing majestic moves, I realized that this is the TRIUMPH OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Look at America and Europe which are built on the teachings of Jesus and Mother Mary. Women rights are the most equitable in these places compared to any other countries. This is due to the blessings of Jesus and Mother Mary. Mother Mary gave a boon to all the women when she breath her last and left for heavenly abode. We will look at this in another article. The triumph of America, lies in creativity and innovation they brought to this world. America today leads the world in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, innovation & entrepreneurship and showmanship. I left the city in a pensive mood and really hope I could work in US and bring my parents and sister to US…

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