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Episode 12: Gireendra Kasmalkar, Founder Ideas 2 Impacts

Nishant Malhotra, founder & CEO of Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd,  the platform The middle Road interviews Gireendra, Founder & CEO of Ideas2 Impacts Innovation Pvt Ltd, a upcoming technology company based in India. He is also the founder of Ideas 2 Impact Innovation Center, a leading accelerator/incubator for technology start-ups in India and Lead Investor/ General Partner Pentathlon Ventures funds, which supports early B2B Tech Start-ups. Gireendra is a social change enabler and technocrat and chats passionately about his work enabling a sustainable impact within the social and business ecosystem.

The chat focuses on how technology is enabling a sustainable social impact within the society and the social ecosystem. The podcast features a detailed discussion on impact of technology accelerators especially in the B2B sector, and social impact of disruptive technology including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning among other technologies. The podcast is an excellent source to understand how various technologies are evolving globally and in India.

The podcast was recorded through Zoom Video Communications and the first in the podcast series recorded over video telephony using the peer 2 peer platform by Zoom.

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