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Remittance and Black Hole

The report on remittance by the world bank is an eye-opener. Refer to the twitter feed wherein I had shared the report. India leads in remittance around the world is certainly not surprising but the 7% remittance fees are worth writing about here. It’s a pleasant surprise that reducing the remittance fees is part of sustainable development goals.

The first photograph of a black hole made worldwide headlines. I had shared the photo on my twitter handle. It’s also one of the best examples of collaboration among researchers across the globe and a huge shot in the arm for technology, space exploration, and science. Space exploration needs to be the prime focus of developed and developing countries. The US has always led in this space and along with Europe should make sure that it maintains its dominant position. India recently had collaborated successfully with the US in a major space exploration project and going forward hopefully much more will be done jointly.


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