This page will separately highlight research papers across a gamut of topics ranging from Humanitarianism & Social Causes, Creativity & Innovation, Finance & Economics, Behavioral/Qualitative Science, History & Civilization and Science & Technology. The reports will be typically written under Curious Case Series or otherwise and carry the usual flair and style reminiscent of The Quintessential Dude. The reports will give a fresh perspective on many issues backed by facts and humor. Third party reports will also be recommended periodically. Some important papers have already been published in Blog section are highlighted below.

The innovative finance revolution is one of the best reports on innovation in social finance. A brief write up was mentioned on my blog and the report can be downloaded through the link below.

Paper on insights on discount cash flow analysis of cyclical companies

Policy Measures to Stop Legalizing Marijuana in the US: An Uncharted Territory


Social Enterprise in the US: An Overview 


Curious Case of Venture Funding


India Soars by KPMG

This is a highly recommended report to get a very good perspective about Macro view as well as reforms in India. The report gives a very comprehensive report on the policies taken by the Indian Government in various sectors including Infrastructure, Railways, Housing to name a few and their business and humanitarian impact. To quote an example; Housing for All by 2022 (HFA) aims at providing a home for all Indian families by 2022 for weaker sections of the society is one such initiative by Central Government. Report includes a panoramic view of state government initiatives as well

India Philanthropy Report 2015 by Bain & Company

This is a must read to get a great perspective on Indian philanthropic sector. The reference to this report is mentioned in my article on philanthropy as well which is published as well as in LinkedIn. Among developing economies, India is leading in philanthropic initiatives although a framework to regulate the accountability of the sector is highly desirable.

Highly recommended report to read about the steps that Nigeria and its partners including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation took to eradicate polio, especially the introduction of a novel approach to disease control: emergency operations centers (EOCs). It also explores what the lessons learned from Nigeria’s approach to polio might teach other countries about emergency health responses

Start Up India Momentous Rise of Indian Start Up Ecosystem by NASSCOM

According to NASSCOM’s “Startup-India : Momentous Rise of Indian Startup Ecosystem” report, India ranks third globally with over 4200 start-ups. The growth in the Startups has been stellar with a growth of 40% in 2015 alone.India serves as the fastest growing startup-base worldwide and stands third in technology driven product startups just after US and UK respectively. The startups contributed employment of 80000 to 85000 people in India.

Curious Case of Guns in America: A Quantitative Analysis This article assesses the number of deaths including Suicides in America due to Guns. The report is a stunning take on harm caused due to proliferation of guns in America. The report was inspired after President Obama made a worldwide plea to everyone especially Americans to research the number of deaths due to Guns after a mass shooting.

Curious Case of Of Defeat of Fascism: Hope Floats For Peace This article strictly is not a research paper but it delves into many facts including Spencer Wells breakthrough documentary on genetics. It written in classic creative style; considering this was second article on peace published on this blog after an article on Angela Merkel (Nobel Peace Prize..check archives, it features here due to the holistic message.

Curious Case of US Deficit: Life of Excesses The report was published in September here and covers concepts in Macroeconomics which govern trade deficit,QE,currency overview.

Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets First published in August on LinkedIn and in September here in the blog section, this report played a fundamental role in launching this blog to highlight research among other things. This report gives a fresh perspective about Equity markets in China and includes behavioral economics examples to highlight reforms within Chinese Equity Markets.

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