This page will separately highlight research papers across a gamut of topics ranging from Humanitarianism & Social Causes, Creativity & Innovation, Finance & Economics, Behavioral/Qualitative Science, History & Civilization and Science & Technology. The reports will be typically written under Curious Case Series or otherwise and carry the usual flair and style reminiscent of The Quintessential Dude. The reports will give a fresh perspective on many issues backed by facts and humor. Third party reports will also be recommended periodically. Some important papers have already been published in Blog section are highlighted below.

The innovative finance revolution is one of the best reports on innovation in social finance. A brief write up was mentioned on my blog and the report can be downloaded through the link below.

The Innovative Finance Revolution: Private Capital for the Public Good (Foreign Affairs Special Edition)

Curious Case of Guns in America: A Quantitative Analysis This article assesses the number of deaths including Suicides in America due to Guns. The report is a stunning take on harm caused due to proliferation of guns in America. The report was inspired after President Obama made a worldwide plea to everyone especially Americans to research the number of deaths due to Guns after a mass shooting.

Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets First published in August on LinkedIn and in September here in the blog section, this report played a fundamental role in launching this blog to highlight research among other things. This report gives a fresh perspective about Equity markets in China and includes behavioral economics examples to highlight reforms within Chinese Equity Markets.

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