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The middle Road interviews Larry Johnson, Founder The Eight Principles


Nishant Malhotra, welcomes Larry C Johnson, a thought leader in relational fundraising and philanthropy. A graduate of Yale University, Larry is the author of the award-winning book “The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising” and based on The Wall Street Business Network ranked among the top 15 Fundraising consultants in the United States. Larry specializes in nonprofit development, fundraising, and philanthropy and serves on multiple nonprofit and corporate boards significantly The Philanthropy Council of The Carter Center, the philanthropic arm of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of United States. This podcast focusses on the importance of relational fundraising and philanthropy within the social ecosystem and shares tips for everyone.

Snapshot of questions

Hello Larry, thank you for joining The middle Road for another riveting podcast.

Q): Today we discuss only the most significant aspects of companies esp. within the social ecosystem, fundraising. I begin with the quintessential question, what drove you to fundraise as a career after your degrees in electrical engineering.

Q) You published a book The Eight Principles, wherein you share your mantra on eight steps for a holistic fundraising initiative. You share an interesting statistic about fundraising that individuals share 90% of all philanthropic dollars in the US. From your experience how true would this be global across the world?

Q) For sustainable fundraising, alignment of the mission, and vision of the social actor is critical as mentioned within your framework. This is universally true, however would like to articulate your thoughts here supplemented by lucid examples.

Q) Larry, you emphasize a lot on the relationship with donors/givers. When you design a campaign do you work backward building on a collaborative model fine-tuning the mission of the venture with that of the donors?

Q) Having worked with multiple sets of actors in fundraising from academic institutions like College of Idaho, Niagara University, etc. to serving as a board member on the Philanthropy Council of The Carter Center, what do you think are nuances in their thinking towards giving.

Q) COVID-19 has been a huge disrupter. Do you think this would have a behavioral change within the donor community? For Example, Warren Buffet and Mackenzie Scott have made significant donations in billions this year.

Q) What changes do you think nonprofits and social entrepreneurs have to incorporate with the changing times?

Q) In 2020 General Z (those born between 1995-2010) comprise 20% of the working population. They bring a different kind of mindset example usage of social media etc. 1 How do you think philanthropy will evolve in the present times?

Q) The US is stunningly beautiful with a breathtaking natural landscape. You stay in an awesome place Boise, which falls on the foothills of the Rocky mountain. Surround by mesmerizing natural habitat, do share how it relaxes you through your various outdoor activities.

  • How do you think being part of nature helps in enabling clarity of thinking in your work?

Q) You mention the importance of principle, paradigm, and process for laying semblance for an effective fundraising outreach. The process needs to be metered for flaws. Do speak about your innovation within this segment.

Q) You are launching your operation in India. How would you see overlaps and differences in your work when compared to India? How do you plan to fine tune techniques which are situational?

Finally, do share an Ah Ah movement from your life with the audience.

I thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts here. I wish you the best in your endeavors.




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