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True Grit & Fitness: Tinkesh

Recently uploaded a video of my interview with Tinkesh on Twitter. I met Tinkesh at a gym in Pune and got impressed by his calm demeanour and true grit. Despite adversity, he followed his childhood dream to become a fitness trainer through sheer determination. Tinkesh was electrocuted when he was a kid and lost both his legs and one arm. Throughout his life, people helped him in his endeavour. A nonprofit, Aditya Mehta Foundation, sponsored his prosthesis for both limbs and Tinkesh successfully ran 10K and 5K long-distance runs with Maj D. P. Singh “the Blade Runner” from India. Tinkesh follows a strict diet and strength training regime to keep fit. I spoke with him at my house in Pune, India.


Tinkesh’s life story is motivational and worthy to be detailed here. Though he is physically challenged, he still does 25 one-arm push-ups to keep fit. But a smile on his face with a childlike exuberance to help and coach wannabe fitness enthusiasts is the icing on the cake. Be careful of eating cakes, its got sugar and super calories.

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