Module on Structured Products

The first module I published on my blog was on Structured Products. Globally, structured products form an important part of asset allocation and portfolio management. It also a very good way of taking exposures across various asset classes ranging from forex, commodities, equities, interest rates etc. Digital options form an important part of some of the products detailed here. Digital options are binary options i.e. the payout would be zero or predetermined as defined in the investment mandate.

The presentation which was first published in 2015 on this blog, details brief outline on structured products, different types of structured notes, range accrual plans, knout out structured notes and valuation of a NIFTY equity lined structured note.

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Fed Hikes Rate

Federal Reserve today raised the US Fed Fund rates and the rate will range between 1.75% to 2%. Fed rate decides mortgage,  credit card, student loan rates among others. The rates are now close to pre-credit crisis levels. This was widely anticipated, so let’s look at what Fed rate means and Federal Reserve manages to keep the rates with a tight band.

What is dirty float?

Coming up an article on the dirty float not to be confused with Dirty Dancing. Dirty float here alludes to currency intervention by central banks to stabilize currency within a band. This policy is followed by many countries including India.  This term came up during the recent trade rhetoric and have thought about writing a bit on this subject for some time and with this, we come to a concept of Impossible Trinity

Policy Measures to Stop Legalizing Marijuana in the US: An Uncharted Territory

Series on public policy as a topic begins with this report. The purpose of this report is to share a perspective on the effect of Marijuana legalization in some states in the US. Marijuana is still categorized under Schedule A drug which includes heavy-duty drugs like Cocaine, Heroin etc.  A more detailed commentary on this at a later date. Refer to the full report under research section.  Continue reading Policy Measures to Stop Legalizing Marijuana in the US: An Uncharted Territory


Next two months, I would we be writing about social impact.  There would be articles on the opioid crisis in the US which is undoubtedly the biggest risk facing not only America but the world. I had spoken about opioid crisis about a year back before it hit big time news in the US.

A close look at substance abuse along with my paper against legalizing Marijuana in the US. I wrote this paper for a coursework at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The idea is to share a perspective with everyone. Also, a close look at how impact advertising brought down substance abuse in Montana. To be continued…