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Peace & Harmony
Due to the tragic massacre in California and many deaths in deluge in Chennai, India all updates and articles are suspended for at least a week. I might share videos which inspire harmony, peace and brotherhood

downloadIn order of the recent tragedy in France..Nishworld.com would commemorate French culture and history.I would encourage everyone to share any pic,video or articles which shows solidarity of France in the right spirit.Dedicated in the spirit of global peace…





Remember my petition on Sardar Jokes as well as my article on Guru Gobind Singh. It seems someone else has filed a petition in Supreme court


Update on little angels in Shirdi…The Dude recently met Maher’s Sister Lucy and discussed about the two little girls adoption. After 20 of this month, The Dude will be travelling to Shirdi with Maher India to locate and finalise  adoption of the two girls… Will keep you updated…


The Dude invites creative photographs with artistic value for his webiste/ blog Nishworld.com.

Your photo features exclusively on the pic gallery on website with a special article for the people whose photographs are shortlisted..

The competition is open for a month i.e. till end of November with finalised winners announced every weekend…

Make use of this special promo offer..Be as creative as possible..Photographs highlighting social causes, culture or wildlife will be given a preference..Hurry up

Ground Rules: The photograph has to be original in the sense has to photographed by yourself and not copied and pasted from internet..

Avoid sending photographs taken by others esp. friends..