Nishant Malhotra Founder of Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd & The middle Road platform talks about the startup

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Nishant Malhotra (The Middle Road) interviews Dr. V Premnath, Co-Founder and Director of Venture Center, India’s leading knowledge and technology-focused incubator. In this refreshing chat, we look at what makes Venture Center excel as a leading social change enabler within the start-up ecosystem.

Dr. V Premnath has a Ph.D. from MIT, US, and was a Chevening Technology Enterprise Fellow at Cambridge University. We discuss the game-changing role of American and UK universities in driving innovation, key proactive reforms of Modi’s government, various collaborations of Venture Center with all actors within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, among others. An insightful, riveting, and kick-ass discussion that serves as an enabler in driving social impact. (

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