The Guest Feature Guidelines

  1. Guests are invited to write and publish under Insights here on themes related to social change and impact under Guest Feature. 
  2. The articles could be edited for its final publication, and only the revised version of the release will remain the property of Middle Road (OPC) Pvt Ltd.
  3. Only the edited articles, once published here, cannot be again published anywhere, including LinkedIn under the best online publication and business practices. The original piece can be printed anywhere.
  4. Publications under Insights are usually between 1000 to 2000 words.
  5. All published articles would include a photo and a bio of 30 to 50 words of the guest contributor.
  6. However, these rules don’t apply to foundations, impact investors, multilateral organizations, nonprofits, DFIs, publications, bilateral organizations unless otherwise stated.
  7. Exceptions are always available on request.
  8. The articles need to be backed by research with citations and references. It is the onus of the author to avoid Plagiarism.
  9. We pride in the quality, originality, aesthetics, creativity, and follow a distinctive writing style. Further, Stanford Social Innovation Review is the inspiration for our online publication (part of the platform here) for their in-depth applied research focused analysis, fluid, and diverse themes, including case study methodology on highlighting themes on the social impact, change, innovation etc.
  10. Guests are invite to publish under Global Bytes. The posts here range from 100 to 500 words, based on topics related to sustainable development sector, art, culture and wellbeing.
  11. The articles need to be backed by references. It is the onus of the author to avoid Plagiarism.

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