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Statistics is structured to impart knowledge on the basics of statistics that will be useful in understanding tools in impact evaluation, for example, regression analysis. The series includes educational videos on the following topics. Shares an excellent perspective on concepts mentioned below. 

Introduction to Standard Normal
Calculating Z Scores 
Introduction to Bernoulli Distribution
Introduction to Confidence Intervals with a brief overview of Sampling
Solved Examples & Quizzes Certificate on successful completion of course 

This is part of the Statistics series upload on the previous. The course is limited in its scope includes some of the modules edited for better audio quality. This Statistics course is ideal for people familiar with basic concepts in Statistics example, mean median, normal distribution, etc. An introductory video to some basic concepts might be added later.  

Check out free sample lessons in this course. 

Reference Textbook 

Statistics For Business & Economics Anderson | Sweeney | Williams | Camm | Cochran 

Statistics for Management by Levin Rubin  

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